Yes, you read that right, Silent Radio does have a radio show, and yes, we do get the irony of it.

We’ve been off air for over 2 years, but with the current situation we thought we’d give you some new shows and new music to listen to. Aren’t we kind!


Silent Radio - 19/01/2023 - Freebie Jeebies

Silent Radio - 19/01/2023 - Freebie Jeebies

After an accidental hiatus, Ian Burke is back with another hour of music you can download from the internet for whatever you wish to pay for it. Join him for his triumphant return. Cover stars this time are Romero.


Romero - Halfway out the Door / Daisy-Chain - Seven Letters / Petite League - Pantone Karaoke / Factor Chandelier - Sleep Upside Down (feat. Open Mike Eagle) / Dragne - Cyphe / The Nightingales - I (heart) CCTV / Oblivian Substanshall - Spaniels Precisely / Jimbo Jones - Who is Dubh Linn For? / Men I Trust - Billie Toppy / Wyner Welt - Wild Life / Gladie - Nothing / Momma - Tall Home / Robert - Kelly Had a Seizure (feat. Kool Keith) / Paris Death Hilton - #diamondjackson / Macroblank - Untitled / dd Toby Leaman - Spooked By The Kooks