Silent Radio's Top Transmissions

The latest and greatest tracks currently being enjoyed at Silent Radio Towers are showcased on our ‘Top Transmissions’ Spotify playlist. Below you can see the tracks that make up the current selection and some that have been featured in the past. Be sure to follow the playlist to keep up to date with all our newest recommendations.

Current Selections

Sleemo - Pipe Bomb
Released: 24 Apr 2020
Asylums - Platitudes
Released: 05 Jun 2020
King Casio - B.B.B.C
Released: 31 Jul 2020
Ghostpoet - Nowhere To Hide Now
Released: 07 Apr 2020
Flat Worms - Antarctica
Released: 10 Apr 2020
KID DAD - What You Call a Dream
Released: 30 Jul 2020
Ballamona - Draw The Line
Released: 10 Apr 2020
Hollow Graves - Tequila Sunrise
Released: 19 Jun 2020