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If you’re a budding music journalist or have a passion for music and you’d like to share that passion with others, then you have come to the right place.

We’re always on the look out for writers to cover the never ending great selection of shows taking place in Manchester, plus we are continually swamped with new singles/EPs/albums that are deserving of write ups. Then there’s interviews, we have access to a whole host of new and established acts for you to talk to, either via email, phone, Skype or face to face.

Never written about music before? That’s fine. Experience isn’t the first attribute we look for in anyone wishing to write for us. A passion for music cannot be taught, whereas writing skills, to a certain level, can be. We have contributors of all levels of expertise that are willing to give very simple writing hints and tips should you require it.

At Silent Radio we’re not constantly aiming to find the next big thing, we exist to connect fans to some great music and vice versa. We’ve also found that being involved with Silent Radio can help writers find new favourite bands too, so everyone’s a winner.

If you’re a music snob and can put that snobbery to one side in the aim of sharing good music then that’s fine too. Everyone has a different taste in music and Silent Radio doesn’t want to get involved with the usual ‘this band are the best which means all other bands are rubbish’, we’ll leave that to the other websites out there. Please read our manifesto.

We’ve also put together an article with hints & tips of writing gig reviews here.

As you’ll notice our website isn’t plastered with adverts, so we have no income to divvy out. Everyone, including the editors, all work on the website out of the love of music.

So if this sounds like the website you want to write for, please drop us a line via the email address below.

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