Contact / Music Submissions

At Silent Radio we are always on the look out for new and exciting music, so if you would like to submit your music or simply recommend an act/artist then please feel free to contact us via the email provided.

We make a point of lending an ear to any music sent to us.

Email us at – [email protected] (A note to PRs/labels/pluggers etc: Do NOT use this email address/add to your mailing lists. This is for bands, acts and individuals only. Thank you).

Please note that due to the high amount we get sent, it can take us quite a while to plough through it all, but get through it all we will.

A note to all bands/artists that send their music to us, or in fact to any other website/blog. If you can include as much info as possible with your music it is a massive help, so some kind of press release/biog that could be published as news piece is very beneficial. The reason for this is quite simply time and if you can save some for editors and sub editors then you’re onto a winner, of course the music is the most important thing of all.

One last thing, if we or any other website/blog you send music to don’t give you a mention, DO NOT GIVE UP. Always keep sending any new material to anyone and everyone. Another great website for hints and tips on getting your music heard is Fresh On The Net.

Anyway tip time is over, keep all the music coming and hopefully we can help spread the word.