Yes, you read that right, Silent Radio does have a radio show, and yes, we do get the irony of it.

We’ve been off air for over 2 years, but with the current situation we thought we’d give you some new shows and new music to listen to. Aren’t we kind!


Silent Radio - 12th August 2017 - MCR Live Resident

Silent Radio - 12th August 2017 - MCR Live Resident

Three weeks worth of the best gigs in Manchester are covered in this week's show so that the SR radio team can take a summer holiday, all together on a double decker bus, lots of music, lots of dancing. They've promised to send a postcard or two.

Discover your new favourite with the radio show - it's the best place to do it.


Car Seat Headrest - Unforgiving Girl / Laura Gibson - Empire Builder / Sleep Party People - Fainting Spell / TVAM - Total Immersion / Teleman - Canvas Shoe / Weaves - #53 / Adam Torres - Morning Rain / Kikagaku Moyo - Hem / Mada Cram - I Don't Like This / Kiran Leonard - Could She Still Draw Back? / Housewives - Fallen Arches / Deap Vally - Grunge Bond / Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place - Oh, The Sadmakers / Radio Moscow - Sweet Lil Thing / Ill - Diazepam / Bones Shake - I Got Worry / The Duke Spirit - Houses / The Shins - Name For You / Chupa Cabra - Mouths To Feed / Ducktails - Map to the Stars