Yes, you read that right, Silent Radio does have a radio show, and yes, we do get the irony of it.

We’ve been off air for over 2 years, but with the current situation we thought we’d give you some new shows and new music to listen to. Aren’t we kind!


Silent Radio - 2nd December 2017 - MCR Live Resident

Silent Radio - 2nd December 2017 - MCR Live Resident

Join Silent Vic, Rich & Adam for this week's audible gig guide for Manchester, plus some really great new releases worth your attention.

The Silent Radio Show, live every Saturday from 5-7. Discover your new favourite.

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Confidence Man - Boyfriend (Repeat) / The Cribs - Dendrophobia / Graham Coxon - Falling / The King Blues - Getting Better / The Lancashire Hotpots - Black Friday / Benjamin Clementine - Jupiter / Leyya - Drumsolo / Towers Of London - Shot In The Dark / Field Music - Count It Up / Olden Yolk - Takes One To Know One / The Orielles - Let Your Dogtooth Grow / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Wild Flowers / Victories At Sea - DMC / Findlay - Off and On / Bobbie Peru - I am Contagious / Plume - John's Tune / Freakout Honey - Marinate / The Wild Things - I Think You Can Do Better