Don’t Forget Me is a warm hug, it’s a ride in the car with the top down on a hazy summer afternoon. It’s the feeling of growing up, finding yourself and realising your potential despite the problems you faced along the way. It’s your well-worn favourite pair of jeans, mastering wearing just the right amount of red lipstick. It’s about growing up and finding peace in knowing that it will all work out in the end.

Written over a whirlwind five days, Don’t Forget Me is a collection of experiences from throughout Rogers’ life, and for the first time, some of them are not her own. Speaking on the memories that created this record she says; “The moments that are mine feel like memories — glimpses from college, details from when I was 18, 22, 28 (I’m 29 now). In writing the album sequentially, at some point, a character emerged. I started to picture a girl on a road trip through the American South and West. A sort of younger Thelma & Louise character who was leaving home and leaving a relationship, processing out loud, finding solace in her friends and the promise of a new city and new landscape.”

Co-produced by Ian Fitchuk (Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris) there is a sort of country-like essence that oozes through the album, finding itself somewhere between Roger’s newly found voice. The vocals on this album are truly phenomenal, unfaltering and self-assured, which reflects the album’s motif of finally being sure of your destination.

Maggie Rogers: Don’t Forget Me – Out 12th April 2024 (Polydor)

Rogers – So Sick Of Dreaming (

Megan Barton

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