After a brief spell of convalescence, the new releases guide is back to guide you through the week’s releases.

Iron & Wine      Light Verse      

On their seventh album Beam’s lyrics once again draw on a series of fictional and personal insights, filled with desperate characters and wide-eyed optimists, offering promise and a dose of heartache, tears and laughter, life and love.

Adult Jazz          So Sorry So Slow          

An album with many defining characteristics: romance, panic, devotion and remorse, threaded together by an intentionally laser-focused love.

Kathryn Williams & Withered Hand   Willson Williams         

Two likeminded musicians who’ve built their successful, independent careers on inventive folk instrumentation, reflective and sincere lyricism, and not a small amount of self-deprecation.

Honesty             Box       

A 40-minute continuous mix of instrumentals, remixes, and new material, BOX sees HONESTY venture further into an introspective, subversive, melting-pot version of club music.

Porij     Teething            

A collision between the worlds of indie-rock and dance music, weaving together the organic with the electronic to create something at once tender and transcendent.

Corridor            Mimi    

The Montreal band’s Sub Pop debut is an album with a distinct rhythmic pulse reminiscent of post-punk’s own classic era of melding dance and rock textures.

Joyer    Night Songs    

Shoegaze band’s latest introduces a more expansive sound—from blowtorched guitars and overtly catchy vocal cadences, to melancholy synths and pastoral lap steel

Six Organs of Admittance        Time is Glass 

A record that moves fluidly through rural industrial psychedelia/ecosystem goth, synth-tinged acoustic folk, fingerstyle mastery.

Jo Bartlett          Ghost Tapes 1 to 9       

Founder of the Green Man festival with a collection of highly personal songs.

BMX Bandits    Dreamers on the Run

A record about about living in two worlds; the world of dreams and of music while trying to survive the real world, featuring appearances from Hifi Sean, Jowe Head and Calvin Johnson.

Owen   The Falls of Sioux         

Mike Kinsella of Lies with an album that perforates an established sound to explore unlikely musical ideas, while the songs document a time of moving through life-altering turmoil into brighter days.

Parsnip               Behold

Showcasing the talents of all four members, with spirited performances adding dazzle to the thirteen tracks. Paris Richens lets the bass playfully roam. Carolyn Hawkins tumbles feeling into the drum rumble. Stella Rennex’s guitar soars alongside her saxophone work, whilst a sprightly keyboard is tenderly attended by Rebecca Liston. Everyone sings amidst this lush canopy.

Applied Communications      Applied Communications Has A Midlife Crisis          

In which Max Wood returns after 17 years with five alt-pop songs that navigate Max’s journey through depression, gender dysphoria, existential panic, and self-love.

The Zutons       The Big Decider            

Their first new album in 16 years produced by Nile Rodgers and Ian Broudie

Gramercy Arms             The Making of The Making Of

Inspired by the artistic heyday of ‘70s and ‘80s-era New York City, Gramercy Arms makes addictive indie pop – hook-laden melodies filled with lyrics that will have you floating back in time and remembering your favourite mistake.

FUJI||||||||||TA    MMM   

Album that sees him changing the set-up of his pipe organ by switching to an electric air pump allowed him to activate new sonic and compositional potentials of the instrument, while he also expanded upon his experiments with his own voice.

Chiedu Oraka Misfit  

Born from the belly of the beast in Hull’s council estates, Oraka’s bars are unflinching social poetry which portray the Black, working-class experience from the frontlines of the north – with lashings of its colourful slang for good measure.

Kai Bosch          Love, Throw Me A Bone EP      

Alt pop artist with collection of songs about heartbreak following the end of a tumultuous relationship with his ex-boyfriend.

Ambarchi, Berthling, Werliin Ghosted II        

An improvised recombination of elements, a further expedition through alternative shapes, angles and shades.

Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea  Reveries           

A trio that crafts delicately textured and slowly unfurling sonic vistas, occupying a unique aural domain that lies between guitar-driven drone music and modern classical comp.

Tors       Miracle EP        

An EP featuring bright melodies, soaring harmonies and blissful vibes crafting a consistently appealing and uplifting atmosphere.

Faun Fables     Mother’s Twilight & Family Album      

Reissue of 2001 & 2004 albums of animist, otherworldly music on Drag City.

Objections       Optimistic Sizing         

Ten kitchen sink dramas from post-punk band featuring two thirds of Bilge Pump.

Alex Henry Foster ft Momoka                 Kimoya               

Ambient prog album on which Juno award winning songwriter is joined by Japanese indie artist.

Black Brunswicker      A Moment of Clarity EP

The Bloomington, Indiana-born artist grew up in the Midwest and brings the sweeping plains of the landscape into their expansive guitar-led sound, drawing you closer to something primordial, vast, and earthy.

The Fall               Slates Live EP

Live versions of tracks on Slates EP by Riley, the Hanleys and Scanlon.

Regent                Beggars Belief

Twelve incendiary, anthemic tracks, born of the zeitgeist and designed to be roared out by the masses. A record of politics and people, love and rage, stress and peace, chances and change; the collection touches on universal issues like the cost-of-living crisis and governmental corruption, to more personal reflections on addiction and mental health, redemption and family.