Single Review: John Wizards – Lusaka By Night

Having recently surfaced on the scene from out of nowhere, John Wizards – aka South African production duo John Withers and Emmanuel Nzaramba – have wangled themselves a debut release on legendary electronica label, Planet Mu. Here, in the space of just two tracks, the pair manage to pogo through a myriad of influences and styles, a keen sense of modernity and a solid understanding of digital production technique underpinning the whole... Read More

EP Review: Protect-U – Motorbike

Here is something new from Planet Mu with this latest EP from Protect-U, the brainchild of Mike Petillo and Aaron Leitko, two of the “new breed of dance music producers” presently emerging from Washington DC. ‘Motorbike’ opens with a half drunken metallic coated bassline pulsing its way through the track, kept in check by the kick and snare. Spaced out strings float in on melting pads, wrapping themselves around the rhythm. ‘Lawndog’... Read More

EP Review: Dream Continuum – Reworkz EP

Dream Continuum is the coming together of two artists, Machinedrum (aka Travis Stewart) and Om Unit, (Jim Coles), also known as Philip D. Kick. The partnership formed when the two realised they’d both been working on the same concept separartely, and so naturally put their heads together to produce this phenomenal EP. The concept in question is a very tasty one indeed; it had me itching for a listen as soon as I read the preview. These two talented... Read More

EP Review: Ital Tek – Gonga

The chameleon of the jungle, Ital Tek, changes colour once again as he turns his hand to carving his own EP of footwork-influenced beats. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Gonga. Title track ‘Gonga’ opens the EP. Those shattered footwork-style drums set the pace, rising and falling from one to the next, and create a buzz of excitement that twists the tension into a near explosive state. ‘Pixel Haze’ combines 8-bit Gameboy-style... Read More

EP Review: Keep Shelly In Athens – Campus Martius

In keeping with its string of synth-pop releases throughout 2011, Planet Mu presents Keep Shelly In Athens. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information I can give you about the duo. My research produced few answers, but I can confirm that there are two of them, the singer, Sarah, is a very pretty lady and together they make awe-inspiring music. The EP features three original works and a remix of Solar Bears’ ‘Cub’. The remix is a long... Read More

SINGLE: Pritch & Trim – Stereotype/Kiss My Arse

The man of many names and countless brilliant tracks, Mark Pritchard, takes to the studio with one of Grime best-est, MC Trim. The single comes with two tracks from the pair and instrumentals to boot. Mark lays down a swaggering, light-hearted beat on ‘Stereotype’ with hooks redolent of a soundtrack to a 1970s comedy skit. A clever rhythm mixed with brass, woodwind and synths twist up and down to create this unique, jaunty sound. On the mic Trim... Read More


This, the latest outing on Planet Mu, sees Vezelay (aka Matthieu Le Berre) make his label debut with this six track EP of electro pop dream dust. The EP opens with ‘Sedative’, where arpeggios and a simple but effective, kick and snare combination lead the way for distant vocals to float upon. ‘Demure’ follows on sounding lost in the void. The track holds so many layers with the kick drum buried at the bottom. Matthieu’s soft vocals float... Read More

SINGLE: Ikonika – Dckhdbtch

After the brain shaking goodness of “Contact, Love, Want, Have”, the genius that is Ikonika steps forth once again with “Dckhdbtch”, the latest release in the Planet Mu series. From her first release to this latest Ikonika never fails to amaze me. The depth bestowed in her tracks both musically and in their engineering is phenomenal. Showing a deeper thought process than most, the interweaving of each instrument is so skilfully processed,... Read More

SINGLE: Oriol – Coconut Coast

Keeping them coming thick and fast, Planet Mu shoots out the next bright star into the sky, Oriol. Real name Oriol Singhji, this latest addition to the planet Mu team originated from Barcelona and now resides between London and Cambridge. This EP sees his debut on the late, propped up firmly by reworks of Faulty DL, Shortstuff & Jake Slazenger. Oriol’s approach is somewhere between 70s exploits of legends such has Herbie Hancock and Stevie... Read More

EP: Swindle – Airmiles

Next up from Planet Mu is yet another label debut, this time we’re greeted by Swindles. From what I can gather, previous to his “Who Said Funk” E.P. coming out in March this year, he’s worked with a pretty good chunk of notable UK MC’s. Providing beats and backing for Roll Deep, The Mitchell Brothers, Double S (Their track “Swaggeristic” is top notch) to name a few. This year saw the man launch his solo career, with this latest EP... Read More

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