This, the latest outing on Planet Mu, sees Vezelay (aka Matthieu Le Berre) make his label debut with this six track EP of electro pop dream dust.

The EP opens with ‘Sedative’, where arpeggios and a simple but effective, kick and snare combination lead the way for distant vocals to float upon. ‘Demure’ follows on sounding lost in the void. The track holds so many layers with the kick drum buried at the bottom. Matthieu’s soft vocals float in between, weaving in and out of keys and light guitars. ‘Archetype’ is a personal favourite. It’s one of those tracks that reminds you of so many others but remains unique in itself. Hip Hop drums, strung out bass, guitar harmonics and chopped looping vocals come together to create something truly beautiful.

The b-side brings more of the same. ‘Lyre’ pushes deeper into the dream realm. Angelic strings line the clouds, and whispered vocals mumble prophecy while half cut drums rain down from above. With harder percussion, deep bass, epic keys and Matthieu’s chorused vocals coming together to create perfect late night driving music, ‘Homeboy’ takes us in another direction completely. We finish up the 6 track outing with the aptly-named ‘Coma’ – it does just that, taking you deep into another place as both your mind and the music drifts away.

This EP is beautifully crafted, stripped down pop filled with the dreams and whispers of one man’s wondering mind. Released on 20th of June, this is  a must for those who love the XX and generally like to keep their heads in the clouds: the perfect soundtrack to lose a couple of hours to.


Work in literally, am a work in progress....