Making my way into the cramped hole that is the Academy, I begin to feel a sense of fear and excitement, not quite sure what to expect from tonight’s affair. The venue is filled to bursting point and I feel that maybe it is too small for the hundreds of fans thriving inside its delicate four walls. The crowd is erratic, bouncing around as they all anticipate the arrival of the five lads from Stockport.

Straight off the back of the release of their self-titled debut album, Blossoms are fast becoming a popular name in the music scene. They float onto stage looking like true teenage heartthrobs with their soft, luscious hair draping around their shoulders. In an electronic daydream the keyboard rings out the opening notes of ‘At Most A Kiss’ and the crowd begin to sway, all eyes transfixed on the stage. Standing bold, just mere silhouettes on the stage against the glowing lights from behind, the band casually play on.

The gentle buzz of the crowd envelopes me and the light from the stage fills the room like the warm glow of the sunset. The crowd breathes life into the band and as we breeze through the set we see the boys begin to grow in confidence. The most chilling and breathtaking moment of the evening comes in the form of Tom Ogden’s intricate piano solo. The soft hum of Tom’s vocals against the sweet melody sounding out from the piano made for a very beautiful rendition of ‘Onto Her Bed’.

Nearing towards the end of the set the crowd interaction comes in thick and fast, with Tom’s sense of humour coming out to play. He asks the crowd if anyone has been dumped to which some poor boy at the front exclaims he has. After a bit of banter with the lad we find out that he got dumped by a girl named Sarah to which Tom leads everyone in a very heated chant of “Fuck Sarah!”

Closing the set on their most popular hit ‘Charlemagne’ everyone goes wild and takes the opportunity for one final dance of the night. Hips swinging and arms pumping, the room is soon filled with hundreds of sweaty foreheads and tired out limbs. With a final cheer and a waving of goodbye’s to their home fans, the band depart from the stage leaving everyone wanting more. As I make my way to exit the Academy along with the rest of the crowd, I am left feeling satisfied and incredibly sticky.

Before this evening I had my doubts about Blossoms, believing them to be nothing better than a one hit wonder but I think it’s safe to say that they are much more than that. They are well and truly blossoming.

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Sylvie Devaney

I am Sylvie an 18 year old music enthusiast from the midlands - with a heart for writing and adventure. Currently I am a budding music journalist who is studying for a degree in music journalism at the University of Chester.