Blossoms are back! The five piece band from Stockport who made it big with their self-titled debut in 2016 with an unashamedly pop driven and anthemic album that captured people’s attention. 2018’s follow up ‘Cool Like You’ delivered much of the same with added synths. Now comes this, their third album titled ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’. Lead singer Tom Ogden has said in interviews that the album is influenced sound wise by U2, Talking Heads and Primal Scream.

So, when it comes to this new album and the references cited, expectations are high. I have to say now, Blossoms third album is their best by far. Whilst having enjoyed their previous two efforts, there were always a couple of tracks which I found lacklustre. This new album though has no such quandaries. This is Blossoms most consistent and best album to date.

Starting off with ‘If you think this is real life’, it provides a great groove and is already dance floor ready. Moving into ‘Your Girlfriend’, some witty writing and great riffs make it one of the best songs on the album especially the lyrics ‘And now your girlfriend is ringing in my ears again, I should be moving out but can’t cause we’ve just signed a lease’. Next track ‘The Keeper’, whilst I admire Blossoms ambition, the gospel choir does come off a little awkward, especially compared with the rest of the album, still a decent track overall though.

Personal favourite of mine ‘My Swimming Brain’, a Fleetwood Mac-esque ear worm which talks about the difficulty of exploring one’s feelings with an open frankness. Other tracks such as ‘Sunday was a friend of mine’, ‘Oh No(I think I’m in love)’ and ‘Romance, eh?’ all deliver witty and heartfelt takes on the traditional form of love song but give it a breath of fresh air.

The final three tracks all deliver a slight change of pace, with some of the pop sheen scraped off in return for a slightly rawer experience that feels like a step in the right direction. Album closer ‘Like Gravity’ starts groove driven and transforms into pacey instrumental driven song, with the occasional burst of Ogden’s boyish vocals.

Blossoms have outdone themselves here, they have made the best album they possibly could have and outshone expectations to deliver an album full of witty, groove driven songs about falling in love. One thing is for sure, Blossoms continue to flourish.

Blossoms: Foolish Loving Spaces  Release Date 31st January 2020 (Virgin EMI Records)

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