Starkey raises the bar to new heights with this release. His second studio album to date “Ear Drums & Black Holes” is nothing short of perfect and reinforces why Starkey, the pioneer of his self coined “Street Bass” sound, is at the top of his game right now. The album shines through the saturated world of 140 bpm. Spluttered synths, swoon melodies, sweeping chords, deep space effects, depth charge bass, the man doesn’t let you down with this album and rightfully proves his worth in the Planet Mu camp. Dozens of different influences pour through Starkey’s work mixed with his own measure of inspiration, creativity and technicality. Bonus points are awarded for delivering a full 15 tracks. Each their own play on his style, no two tracks the same – you’ll find no filler here what so ever.

“OK Luv” opens the album perfectly. Floating synths and a shuffled drum beat lead the way to a buzzsaw bassline splattered with chords. Previous release “Stars with Annakea, stands out just that more so than the rest. Coupled with Kiko’s vocals on “New Cities” these two tracks have to be some of the most exciting stuff I’ve heard in a long while. The beauty behind them is undeniable. Starkey’s wizardry fuses with the girl’s elegant tones, and carrys you off into the clouds. Other favourites on the album include “Murderous Words” featuring the Lazy US swagger of Cerebal Vortex, christened with some downright dangerous bass. He also throws a nod to the other side of the pond’s talent, coupling with OG’s P. Money on “Numb”.

The solo outings from Starkey all stand tall, the uplifting “Multidial”, the party bass of “Fourth Dimension”, the low swung “”Fidelio”, I could go on. The LP delivers on all fronts and it’s hard to find fault with anything Starkey’s done to date. A Must for everyone.




Release Date 19/04/2010 (Planet Mu)

Work in literally, am a work in progress....