The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs


The Lemon Twigs are a New York band fronted by brothers Brian D’Addario and Michael D’Addario, and for their tours at least, joined by Megan Zeankowski on bass and Danny Ayala on keys and backing vox. Although their debut album Do Hollywood was released back in October 2016, it’s difficult to accept that with such an established sound it’s their first record. An album which reflects many bands and genres of musical eras gone by, but in such a raw way that it doesn’t just echo the past, but feels like it will shape the music future.

Seemingly on a constant tour, tonight they are playing to a sold out Gorilla, having sold out the Deaf Institute back in December – their popularity and fame is on a fast rise. As the ‘on edge’ crowd eagerly await the bands arrival, there is a warm buzz caressing the packed venue. As the lights flash on stage, ‘I Wanna Prove To You’ begins and screams come from the front rows, the kind of cheers of Beatle-esque teenage hysteria. This song, a current favourite of mine, particularly as it transports you to a 50s style musical, and wouldn’t go amiss if it was on the Grease soundtrack, is wonderful live.

Following this climactic start comes ‘Why Didn’t You Say That?’ from their upcoming EP (to be released this summer) – this is the first of a few new tracks that we are teased with, including ‘Queen of My School’, which is a perfect pop hit. From ‘Do Hollywood’, songs that are even more euphoric live: ‘Frank’ with its experimental intro and 70s melodies and vocal style that reminds me of 10CC, mixed up with theatrical instrumental moments; and creating a room singalong, ‘These Words’, which they introduce by saying, “if you’ve heard of us before, you’ll know this one, it’s a single”. Nevertheless, the most precious for me is the wondrously delicate ‘How Lucky Am I?’, which showcases their limitless vocal talent, one of the best vocal performances I’ve witnessed for a long time.

Sprinkled into the set are a couple of covers: Alex Chilton’s ‘All of the Time’, and a song written by the brothers’ father Ronnie D’Addario, ‘Love Stepped Out’ (it’s no surprise that music is in their blood). These teenage artists are multi instrumental, they switch from drums and backing vocals to guitar, lead vocals and keys – how many people have that much talent? It almost seems greedy to be that good. Although brothers, their individuality is distinct: Brian has a more laid back hippie image and Michael has a more Mick Jagger vibe – dancing around chaotically, kicking the air, especially when he leads on the glorious ‘Baby, Baby’ and the final track of the set and of the album ‘A Great Snake.’

As the gig ends, I’m left longing to have even a ¼ of their talent, an ounce of their rock-star vibe, or to look as good in a leopard print catsuit.

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