Lemon Twigs - Songs for the general publicThe Lemon Twigs are releasing their album ‘Songs for the General Public’, which contains 12 tracks, on the 21st August 2020. Their third album succeeds their 2018 release, their concept album ‘Go to School’, and contains completely different themes and ideas – the new album disregards any sort of link between itself and their second album. As their second album was a concept album and it included a story behind the songs, their third in effect wipes the slate clean. They are free to go in any direction that they choose.

The band have an American almost 1970’s style rock sound, which (people may be pleased to know) carries on through ‘Songs for the General Public’ like they have done with their previous albums. Some of their sneak peaks of their new album have included ‘Moon’ and ‘No One Holds You (Closer Than The One You Haven’t Met)’.

The one change that does seem evident in their music is that over the three albums, the music feels more confident than their previous releases. It keeps it’s 1970’s feel yet this album stands apart from the previous two. Certainly, in ‘The One’, it is clear that the band have perhaps used a heavier guitar and the statements that they make in the song, ‘Why Do Lovers Own Each Other?’, sound more grounded and self-assured.

The cover of the new album features both band members, Brian and Michael D’Addario, staring into the camera with both flouting their trademark vintage-esque outfits and their long hair. In comparison to their previous albums, their actions on the cover of this one may suggest more of a name behind their songs and ownership. Either way, no doubt this instalment proves them to be more confident this album round.

In this new release, The Lemon Twigs have come into their own and are ready to take on the world. One general public member at a time.

The Lemon Twigs: Songs For The General Public – Out 21st August (4AD Records)

Sophie Nebesniak

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