How is it possible that something that has been done for years before can sound so modern and so good? That is the question I repeatedly asked myself when listening to The Lemon Twigs newest album ‘A Dream Is All We Know’.

It is a wonderfully encapsulating collection of songs that make me envision just lounging around on a beach with the sun belting down covering me like a blanket. Every song sounds so new yet so familiar, this is one of those rare albums that are just too comforting for their own good!

The opening track ‘My Golden Years’ starts with fantastic vocals so reminiscent of Brian Wilson, along with some brilliant shimmering guitar work, the song to me covers the want of doing as much as you can whilst you are in your prime, which the New York brothers definitely seem to be with this album, it is almost like they are telling the listener “enjoy us whilst we are here because it won’t last forever”.

Over the past years Michael and Brian have clearly been working on their skills when it comes to their music, and it is so clear to see the difference in production, song writing and overall presence.

When returning to listen to their debut album ‘Songs for The General Public’ there is an instant difference in almost everything, the main difference that jumped out to me is the difference in tone, I almost found it hard to believe that some of the songs on the debut were the same brothers. The change in voice to the much softer and melancholic rather than a raw maybe less produced voice.

‘Sweet Vibration’ is a song that really stuck out to me, the instant jump in with the upbeat and optimistic piano. The song speaks about the “lovely aroma” and the sounds that are all around them “hear the sound of birds” To me it’s a song about the joys of summer, being outside in the gleaming sunshine, taking walks with the longer days spending more time outside in the bright harmonic environment, rather than the seclusion and isolation that many feel over the winter.

The opening track of side two ‘If You and I are Not Wise’ is a very meaningful ballad of both brothers showing off their chemistry with them harmonising together on the track. The song goes into depth about the importance of music, that songs can dig deep inside and earn a special place in your heart that can pick you up in your deepest moments, drag you up and motivate you.

With the album coming to an unfortunate end, the “Merseybeach” brothers use the last track on their album ‘Rock On (Over and Over)’ as a final homage to the inspiration from the 60s and 70s with a track with guitar that sounds oddly reminiscent of Lennon or Harrison. A punchy melodic tone of ‘Status Quo’ this one has it all!

Overall, this album shows the true dedication, and will of the D’Addario brothers, and how they have improved since the band’s first single in 2016, and I personally think ‘A Dream Is All We Know’ is their masterpiece (so far).

I urge anyone who is a fan of 60s and 70s pop and rock to go out and listen to this album.

The Lemon Twigs: A Dream Is All We Know – Out 3rd May 2024 (Captured Tracks)

Lemon Twigs – A Dream Is All I Know (Official Video) (