The first time I saw Metz, in the Soup Kitchen basement, was a very memorable gig indeed. Since then I’ve been counting down the days until I could go see them again.  For this gig, not only did I make a ticket purchase weeks in advance to minimise things that could prevent me going; something I normally have a strange aversion to doing, I have also been ridiculously excited all week, which is not a normal state for me to be in either.

We catch a bit of Cheetahs as we arrive which I summarise are a heavier version of Ash, and my friend Brendan describes as “spiritualised drone, but fast.” They have a much heavier and fuller sound than your average first-band-on-the-bill so I feel this is a promising start for a noisy night ahead.

I am pleasantly impressed with the support provided by The Wytches from Peterborough, UK.  They pull off a pleasing mix of a whole bunch of genres with a good amount of style.  There’s something quite psychedelic/metal/good about them.  They are playing music with a lot of danceable, nice and bouncy, surf type riffs but with a good amount of weight behind it, so you get the best of both worlds.  Aptly describing their genre as ‘surf doom’, they’re pretty cute with a whole load of hair flying about their faces.  You would think they wouldn’t be able to see what they were doing but they play very well and are very together!  Great enthusiasm and energy.  Definitely recommended.

Another strange side effect of Metz gigs, I realise as they open their show, is this seemingly relentless and unmanageable super- smile that appears about my face as I take in their performance. I have to stress that this is not a common occurrence at gigs (or ever really actually; I’m not a natural smiler, it has to be said) and so I know from the last gig experience that face-ache will ensue. Of course it’s so more than worth it that it’s of minimal concern. There’s just some kind of indescribable ‘magic’ about them that I don’t know how I can possibly get close to relaying through words.

They remind me why I love live music and refresh enthusiasm for it (and probably for life in general).  I want to know how they can7561947746_b5828eafb9_z make such a full sound between the three of them. The shout-style singing is spot on too. Personally, I find in a lot of bands the instrumental music can be a bit ruined by voices, but this is definitely not the case for Metz.  I can’t do this band justice through my writing. I don’t think their recordings even do them justice. Whilst really, really great, I find them a bit too ‘clean’ in comparison to the awesome live sound.  I guess you’re never going to beat a live show with this kind of band.  Another nice side effect of Metz gigs that I am finding is that they make you completely (and utterly) forget that just 30 seconds before you were yawning and thinking about how nice bed would be. I’m captured as soon as they start playing. Their energy seems omnipotent (in the all-powerful sense).

I love how they look and seem like thoroughly polite, decent and mild mannered young men.  Wedding ring noted for singer/guitarist.  Maybe even slightly on the geeky side. Yet when they lavish us with their full-on performance it’s a riotous noise and they seem just so into it. As my friend Oli, who I insisted must attend this gig, comments “Well, they’re full of beans aren’t they.”  They have such a fierce yet unintimidating energy. It makes you want to join them. It’s intense and it’s infectious. I can’t imagine how anyone could not be completely absorbed by it and the crowd tonight are all over it. Soaking it up. I’m glad to have managed my front, side of the stage position so I get a clear view, uninterrupted by the mosh pit, aside from when someone flies out of it into the monitors sending one into me. It seems that at the front, fans are head butting the monitors and I remember back to that first gig I saw where the monitors were forever being knocked over and fans were tripping over them onto stage. They didn’t have so far to fall then though. Metz exit stage as (male) underwear is thrown. Canada is so lucky!  Catch them while you can!

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Louise Fletcher

Originally from Bristol, I emigrated to The North after studying Sociology at Exeter University. In my opinion the Manchester music scene is pretty unbeatable and very inspiring! It even encouraged me to start a band! Long live the live music scene!