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Awkwardly emerging from the backstage curtain-thing, the opening act favours a fast tempo, ‘angry’ guitar rock that is somewhat let down by Yes’ sound system; they might as well have put their socks in their mouths for the duration of the performance. The format of having everything excessively loud alongside enough feedback to make every nearby canine flee in despair wears thin pretty quickly, I honestly can’t differentiate any of their songs from another as they all appear to be near identical in structure and approach. From the few times I manage to catch the odd lyric, it all veers a little on the clunky side of the spectrum, which of course only adds to my woes. Although some of their guitar sounds are provoking and even odd at times, I suspect I would have probably enjoyed it more if there was just a little bit of depth to their quasi-metal steamrolling; it’s a classic case of ‘just because something is loud, doesn’t mean by default it’s ‘cool’.


Hearing claims that this band would ‘melt your face off’ and other grand statements really gave me a sense of anticipation; in addition their ties to Sub Pop and Steve Albini persisted in reinforcing their vaunted reputation. In simplistic terms, this band is a tighter, somewhat more interesting version of the act that opened for them; the fact that they are numerically inferior to the former really highlights the disparity in quality. The lights go off and proceed into lightshow mode (mediocre theme park ride?) as the band’s searing riffs and incoherent shout-scream approach of the vocals make themselves known. I’ll be honest; cuts like ‘Dirty Shirt’ and others I can’t recall the name of might as well have been one big set piece; much like the former band, I’m unable to differentiate between any of their songs.

I sincerely want to like this band, but they just aren’t making the cut (my criticisms are becoming repetitive, ironically). I respect that they are clearly a well rehearsed and skilled outfit that is no doubt tighter than Greece’s present fiscal budget, but to me it lacks a real identity as I could probably name a dozen-or-so bands that utilise the same instrumental methodology. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a “heavy” type show and become as unmotivated as I am at this very moment; I certainly wouldn’t go as far as to say it was terrible, perhaps just a little on the underwhelming side.

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