Jonathan Wilson– GORILLA, MANCHESTER –

With his second album Fanfare newly released Jonathan Wilson is a busy guy at the moment, well into his tour that’ll take him into the New Year. I’m eager to hear him play some of his new stuff, at Gorilla.

Arriving and seeing the stage set up and lots of patient and rather quiet fans awaiting his arrival to the stage I can see this is a great venue choice. There’s a variety of ages here tonight and everyone comes alive when Jonathan Wilson and his band take place on stage.

They open with an intense instrumental and everyone is watching in awe and it has now become a peaceful, soft atmosphere.

He plays guitar effortlessly, but it sounds so intricate and intense, with hints of Pink Floyd and Dire Straits.

Each track seems to send you into a utopia. At the end of each song everyone breathes a sigh of appreciation followed by cheers a few seconds later. We are all really involved with each song.

When they play ‘Dear Friend’ it takes almost a minute for the track to come alive and it’s like there’s a gentle build up. The guitar is so powerful and interchanges throughout the song.

‘Desert Raven’ definitely stands out for me tonight. The standard of everything is great; the vocals are peaceful, harmonious and subtle. The intro is so soft and instantly puts you in a pleasant mood.

I can’t even remember how I felt before the gig. It’s took me to a happy place, and I’m just focused on the set. There’s a hippy vibe to this music, and even the setting tonight.

Before I’ve realised the gig has been on for an hour and a half and Wilson still has more to offer. It’s like the band want to continue playing everything they have, and they’re doing overtime tonight. It’s great to come and watch a gig and see a band wanting to carry each song on until they’ve squeezed out every last note.

Tonight I feel I’ve had a glimpse into what it might have been like to go to a gig in the 70’s (although I have no physical proof or personal experience).  But the psychedelic instrumentals, organ, harmonica, and vocals really made me embrace how past music has influenced the modern. I like how Jonathan Wilson has used his influences to create something new for us to listen to and see live in this century.

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Parisa Esalat

I'm a northern bird that appreciates all the lovely sounds this city has to offer. What I love about gigs, is that not only the music but the venue and atmosphere can create such a vibe that it takes you somewhere else.