Earlier this month saw the release of brand new material from London quartet Trailer Trash Tracys in the form of “Dies in 55”, a gorgeous and utterly otherworldly pop song that sounds like nothing else around – like carnival music beamed in from another dimension, warped and rhapsodic.

Now, with a much anticipated debut full-length awaiting release in January from Double Six/ Domino, Trailer Trash Tracys are expanding their sonic palette even further. “Wish You Were Red” may take its cues from influences as disparate as Dick Dale’s 50s surf pop and Angelo Badalamenti’s more lush moments on David Lynch films, but its mise-en-scène is most assuredly the band’s own. Beginning with the slow growing hum of fuzz tone and drumbeats, Jimmy Lee’s SoCal guitars then drop in and set the song in dramatic motion; creating a song that is cavernous and expansive even as it is imbued with intimacy and warmth, especially with Suzanne Aztoria’s fallen angel vocals reverberating throughout. The cryptically titled “Engelhardt’s Arizona”, meanwhile, pitches ringing, circling guitar shreds against a moodily spacious backdrop, with the swooning vocals urging the track ever onwards and skywards, building to a miasmic, transcendent climax. Taken together, it is a potent introduction to the bracingly unpredictable, cinematic world of Trailer Trash Tracys, and just two of the many reasons to get excited about their upcoming debut LP.