After the brain shaking goodness of “Contact, Love, Want, Have”, the genius that is Ikonika steps forth once again with “Dckhdbtch”, the latest release in the Planet Mu series.

From her first release to this latest Ikonika never fails to amaze me. The depth bestowed in her tracks both musically and in their engineering is phenomenal. Showing a deeper thought process than most, the interweaving of each instrument is so skilfully processed, cleverly built out and set out upon the next, that all work in harmony with each other resulting in five minute stints of perfection.

Title track “DCKHDBTCH” is no exception to the rule. Laying down solid drum work with white noise fractured hits christened by sprinkled hi-hats, the winding bass line pulses into the structure, twisting the bottom end and no doubt all the hips in the local vicinity. Synth hooks cry out in melody to one another, with that unique Ikonika sound.

“Ingredients” drops it down a notch. Muffled drums, splattered hand claps and a zig-zagged sub bounces from speaker to speaker amidst a backdrop of chords softly chirping away to each with that signature synth sound calling out into the midst. All round this a much more chilled approach – yet no less powerful.

“Shouldn’t Be Here” rounds off the EP just right, having as much in common with Techno as it does Dubstep –  its pushes the deepest yet. The lead melody treads gently through the 4×4 beat, drum hits land off beat, whilst the bassline powers on. Powerful, foot moving and my favourite of the three.

More reason why you should watch Planet Mu’s every move I cannot think of, and yet more proof that Ikonika isn’t going to cool down anytime soon. Things are set to get even hotter as she prepares to start her own new label. Dckhdbtch drops into all good shops and site on the 30th August on mp3 & vinyl format and you’d be a right Wnkr to let this one slip.

Release Date 23/08/2010 (Planet Mu)




Work in literally, am a work in progress....