316143_516157528448856_1799089224_n– NIGHT & DAY CAFE, MANCHESTER –

If anyone went to or watched the Glastonbury Festival coverage of Mumford and Sons last week it is quiet clear that another genre ‘pop-folk’ is pretty big at the moment. The difference between a band that headlines a massive festival and tonight’s Twin Forks is that Twin Forks, playing to around 60 people (which is both scandalous and beautiful), are so much better at bringing the crowd to life, writing joyful little ‘ditties’ and making me want to be part of the new musical journey of Chris Carrabba and co. Completely my opinion I know, but you need this band in your life!

Twin Forks are a ‘new’ band comprised of members from The Narrative, Bad Books and Dashboard Confessional. Having said that though, no one in Twin Forks has any grand illusions about exactly who Twin Forks are. They have no interest in being Dashboard 2.0. Instead of penning tracks exploring teen angst and heartache, Twin Forks instead choose to craft charming pop-folk tunes. Carrabba’s natural charisma and songwriting mixed with the remaining band’s harmonies and musicianship help produce strong early original material right from the very beginning.

Chris Carrabba is still the enigmatic frontman that all Dashboard Confessional fans know, however this band seem to bring out a more happier, fun packed Chris and this is partly because of the songs but also the Twin Forks band, Suzie Zeldin (smiling, swaying and mandolin playin), Ben Homola (drums and smiles) and the massive Jonathon Clark (funking the basslines away), who ensure this is not the Carrabba show but a band in their own right.

Being a new band could have its pitfalls, I was expecting a short set as surely they haven’t got that many songs done yet? An hour and 15 mins later they have ripped through a set of new, original material from the free download EP and the albums in waiting and also some covers presented in their fun folk style.

The sing-a-longs and foot stompers of ‘Back to You’ and ‘Cross My Mind’ are complimented by the beautiful ‘Tall Green Grass’ and the sublime ‘Plans’. The songs build and surround you in both the way they are played and how the make you feel, all warm, sunnier and happier to be able to see musicians at their very best.

The covers range from, Rival School’s ‘ Good Things’ (which is both surprising and uplifting), Weezer, Oasis ‘She’s Electric’ for the Manchester Crowd, Hank Williams and Talking Heads ‘And She Was’ which was played with both energy and a sense of what this band are capable of in the future.

By the time Twin Forks have played the two song encore I am totally and utterly sold by this band. I am a Dashboard Confessional fan but I am so pleased that this isn’t Dashboard. The fact is that Chris has his mojo back, the band are simply amazing and I just hope more folk get to hear, watch and enjoy what could and should be one of the new bands in your life.

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