Jeff Wootton

Jeff Wootton


Tonight at Night and Day Café is introduced to us by Nev Cottee, he is calming and soothing with notes that are reminiscent of being at the beach, relaxing with the lapping of the ocean. Though between his deep voice and his music, it seems apt to query a juxtaposition that feels quite intriguing, drawing you in and keeping your attention focused throughout.

With that in mind the addition of accompanying band members on the double bass and harmonica tonight create an even more substantial feel to his music that’s both overwhelming and inviting, fully appreciating the arrangement between instrument, lyrics, sound and voice. As a Mancunian he’s more than welcomed to the stage tonight, and he’s created a great atmosphere to open for the artist of the night Jeff Wootton.

With that comes Wootton, another fellow Mancunian, who is also at times a sea of sound. Coming onto the stage with no airs or graces, in a cloud of music, his music comes in waves of instrumental reverberation and intermittent lyrical punctuation. It has a strangely satiating effect, as distortion creates feedback as if against a presence. The audience gather and crowd closer, like the tide towards the sea, with each delighting in the attention to detail and subtleties, within the ripples and interjections of ordered disorder. With Wootton greeting it with a rock tenacity of leather jackets, guitar riffs, individuality and the intensity that makes his music both captivating and hypnotic, he keeps the audience gripped and expectant. The venue is perfect for this tonight, being intimate enough to portray his ability in its most sincere form.

It’s a cosy well established venue; Night and Day Café, which has seen the likes of Elbow and Kasabian soak in their music within its walls, and Wootton seems to fit the calibre set by the many before. From good stock, Wootton has performed and collaborated with a number of artists, including Gorillaz and Brian Eno, but has since branched out, to showcase his own creative approach, of pushing the boundaries of guitar music. He counts eminent artist Damien Hirst also, as a friend and admirer of his work. With Hirst contributing new work of his acclaimed spin art, within a specially created booklet for the limited edition vinyl of Wootton’s debut album, The Way the Light. With each being influenced by and titled after individual tracks from the album. And this artwork also adorns the t-shirts for sale tonight. Wootton it appears is in good creative company.

By the end of the night – over in a quick one hour and fifteen minutes – we are, as the audience left with enough interest, to want to delve into finding out whether there is more of Wootton to be discovered. And with only two headline shows performed this year so far, one hopes there’ll be many more planned. Not only is he a dedicated performer, he is a consummate artist; he even ventures towards the bar after his set with the humble appearance of a man done good. If there are any cliffs to face going alone after collaborations with such distinguished performers, Wootton can face them, and dive right in with his sea of sound, below and beyond.

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