Sydney’s Jonathan Boulet is set to release a new album ‘We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart’ via Modular Recordings on 11th June in the UK. To whet people’s appetites, this experimental prodigy is giving away a free track from the album in form of ‘Trounce’.

‘We Keep The Beat…’ is a soaring burst of melody and harmony, built on the blocks of primal, incessant rhythm. It features choruses of chanting choirs, speedball drum lines and junkyards of melodic percussion. It’s a dense, cathartic record of unbridled energy and heavy pop.

On another level its collective music. It’s a call to arms for those who are not just listening, but actually hearing it, and its best listened to in group situations – the more the merrier.

On his debut self-titled album, ‘Jonathan Boulet’ was an accomplished first step for the Sydney native – recorded, played, sung, produced and mixed by a 21 year old in his parent’s garage. On ‘We Keep The Beat…’ Boulet has again taken the reins, but this time he’s opened the doors to the garage and let the world in, and it shows.

We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart.


Album Tracklisting:

  1. You’re A Animal
  2. This Song Is Called Ragged
  3. FM AM CB TV
  4. Hallowed Hag
  5. Dread Is This Place
  6. Mangle Trang
  7. Boneyard Home
  8. Trounce
  9. Black Smokehat
  10. Keep Away You Feral Son Of A Bitch
  11. Piao Voca Slung
  12. Cent Voix

Watch the ‘We Keep The Beat…’ intro video as made by Jonathan himself: