Wet Blanklets have shared a track from their debut EP, Rise of Wet Blankets.

The EP by the Australian three piece, formed by 15-year-old guitarist and frontman Zane Gardner in August 2013, is available now on Agitated Records.

The band have made the track Fridge Too Far available to listen to now.

The frenetically paced 11 track EP, which was recorded in West Geelong, a suburb of Victoria, is just 18 minutes long.

Zane, who counts The Ramones, Dead Kennedys and The Reatards among his influences, is joined by guitarists Zak Olsen and Jake Robertson on the record.

The band say they sing about real world problems like homeless people, stealing from shops and being late for school.

Side 1
1. Marge Is A Wet Blanket
2. Work
3. Sleeptalker
4. Hex In The City
5. Too Much At Steak
6. No Carrots
Side 2
7. TV Suicide
8. Hobo
9. Fridge Too Far
10. Kits
11. Dieter Caught My Bus
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