Barley Passable. Credit: Kira Celine

Rising Aussie disco-pop duo Barley Passable have unveiled their funk-fuelled debut EP, ‘Hindsight’, alongside new single, ’Silver’.

Reflecting on the new EP, the duo of Kai Ollmann (guitars, vocals) and Davy Brown (keyboards, vocals) say:

“Hindsight is all too human. Often painfully, hindsight pulls the past into the now and helps one to see that looking back on even the most negative of situations can push growth and momentum. This EP is our way of returning to various scenes over the last few years, from the first time we met, and speaking to these situations, as they still run on repeat in our minds. It is a constant reminder telling us to remember exactly who we are, to trust our heads and to be passionate and happy. Most importantly we hope it does the same for all who listen.”

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