The Coral

The Coral


Oh Albert Hall we meet again, you absolute beauty. Seriously if you haven’t been, grab a ticket for the band that you love and have a good night. Sit down, dance away or just stare at the beautiful glass ceilings; it’s all good.

Armed with my two good friends, we manage to get to the front which for some reason is ‘roomy’. It’s a sold out show so we expect pushing and shoving. Nope. Even the tall guy in front of me offers to stand behind me. How polite! We stand staring at a creepy title screen and it reminds me of something out of The Black Parade. The Coral come on and they waste no time heading straight into their set transforming the room instantly.

Their latest album The Distance Inbetween is dedicated to their early mentor Alan Wills and is filled with songs that are trippy which only matches the psychedelic background moving behind the band. With Liverpool being their hometown, you can’t help but make links between them and The Beatles and my only wish would be to go to their Liverpool Sound City headline show next month.

The stand out track on their new album is ‘The Connector’ and as it plays I start singing the words… I didn’t even know I knew them. Skullys voice is the kind of rough that can send chills down your spine, he commands the room with his notes.

 ‘Dreaming of You’ creeps up on me I am jumping and screaming to the previous song like you do when I hear the first unmistakable beats. This song has and will stand the test of time. The songs are much heavier than I imagine they would be and I find myself losing myself to the beats. It’s one of those rare gigs that steals your time from you in a good way, what felt like 20 minutes was actually 22 songs and a few hours long. And for their seventh night touring you would forgive them for slowing down, but there is no chance here. Songs like ‘In The Morning’ are met by fans singing their heart out, I truly believe a band will give their all if the crowd returns the favor.

Read any review on The Coral and you will find the word ‘Hiatus’ (maybe I should include the links below, no doubt somebody will prove me wrong somewhere) but it’s true The Coral have taken a 5 year… break and the buzz surrounding their return is welcomed by many. People aren’t buying tickets to see if The Coral have still got it, they’re supporting the band and this shows a future that is much like their past. Successful.

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