New Candys photo by Leanne Crowley

New Candys photo by Leanne Crowley


Fuzz Club Records are undoubtedly the best known record label within the psych circuit and this weekend they have something special planned with their first festival offering.

Opening proceedings this evening we have Italian noise merchants Throw Down Bones. The duo are hotly tipped to go down a storm in the coming year with the launch of their self-titled debut album set for release in December. They open with ‘Exposure’, a drum machine heavy behemoth of a track that perfectly sets the pace for the rest of their set. The stand out track is of course ‘Saturator’ which is so impossibly catchy and repetitive that it has the room moving in an instant. Finishing up with ‘It’s All Around Us’, it’s over all too quickly for my liking. They have not uttered a word all set, and their overall approach to music is somewhat different to the rest on offer this weekend. Frankie and Dave have created something really quite special.

Sticking with the Italian theme, next up we have Venetians New Candys. Their album release this year New Candys As Medicine received a great reception in the UK and it’s great to see them on the bill tonight. ‘Thrill or Trip’ is a fantastically guitar laden dancey tune which sets the mood for the rest of the set. The quartet work in perfect harmony with just that added dash of attitude which ensnares. ‘Song For The Mutant’ is another stand out track from there set. There is added panache at the end as guitarist Diego jumps into the crowd, guitar in hand, and receives pat on the back a plenty. They receive a huge cheer as they finish up and two bands in, everyone is feeling pretty pleased with themselves.

I give the beginning of Telescopes a miss in favour of taking in the atmosphere, and grabbing five minutes to actually witness what is going on. The venue is well chosen and the stage sizes are perfect for the bands on display. Great visuals are swirling around and the self-brewed beer and ale is going down a treat. The mood is buoyant and people are lapping it up. When I enter the room it vibrates with energy and it’s not hard to see why, these lads love performing and they do so in grand style.

Next up we have The KVB, who increase with popularity on each rotation. Opening with ‘Atlas’ it doesn’t take long for the mood to become buoyant and the room fills quickly. ‘Hands’ is expertly executed but the real highlight comes in the form of ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ which formed part of the recent Cleopatra Records release Stoned. There is never much fuss from this duo but they always perform with such precision it’s not hard to see why they have acquired an almost cult status.

Berliners Camera follow them nicely with their motorik kraut psych rock hybrid. They go with a completely improvised set which leaves the crowd breathless with its intensity.

10 000 Russos photo by Leanne Crowley

10 000 Russos photo by Leanne Crowley

A slight overrun on this stage means I’m forced to cut short their set in order to head next door for Portuguese offering 10 000 Russos. However, I’m not too disappointed for long. Opening with the acclaimed ‘Karl Burns’, 10 000 Russos quickly get into their stride and it is not long at all before the crowd are literally bouncing. This is their first UK tour and comes on the back of their self-titled debut release earlier in the year, which was an instant sell out. Moving into ‘Baden Baden Baden’ and then just as promptly through to the mesmerising ‘Stakhanovets’ which has been spread over social media like wildfire since its release, the crowd literally can’t get enough of them and you can telling they are enjoying it on stage. They continue through three new tracks to round of the set and the energy in the room is so infectious even the owner of Fuzz Club Records is right up front joining in the mayhem. I don’t think I’ve been involved in such a dancey group at a psych gig, but right here and now it works perfectly. As 10 000 Russos conclude, they are pulled into the crowd by keen fans and acknowledged as heroes. Their set tonight was really rather special and one people will not forget in quite some time.

The crowd dissipates off to The Shacklewell Arms for the afterparty, with the thoughts of tomorrows bands firmly in mind.

As London Fields Brewery opens for Day Two, with the events in Paris firmly in mind, we hear that Wall Of Death will no longer be able to play. It’s a very sad tinge on the day and is rightly so a topic of conversation for most of the day.

Southampton fan favourites Dead Rabbits open with ‘It’s All In Her Head’, the dark and evocative track which sets the tone for the rest of their set. They continue through with their usual vigor and having seen them on several occasions this year alone, they never disappoint. They play a number of new tracks which offer a tantalising glimpse of what their third album has to offer, and we like the sound of it.

Stockholm boys and somewhat of a rare entity, The Janitors, take to the stage next. From the beginning their set is marred by technical difficulties and this clearly effects the mood of the guys, but they persevere, ‘Greed’ with its political overtones is a crowd pleaser and they pull something rather magnificent out of the bag with ‘Here They Come’. At one point an amp goes completely, but the sound isn’t lost in the packed room and as they graciously bow out they are greeted with applause.

Lola Colt have been absent on the scene until very recently, and when they start to play it’s not hard to see why. We are treated to a plethora of new tunes which are simply fantastic. Opener ‘Moksha Medicine’ sets the scene for what is to follow and the crowd join in enthusiastically. ‘Boom Boom Blasphemy’ is always a crowd pleaser and by the time they finish with ‘Away From The Water’, it’s become quite close and sweaty up front – something which is to set the tone for the remainder of the evening.

The Cult Of Dom Keller photo by Leanne Crowley

The Cult Of Dom Keller photo by Leanne Crowley

Straight through to next door, feeling slightly breathless from the onslaught of music, The Cult of Dom Keller are just taking to the stage. This band need no introduction and the room is quickly rammed to capacity. With a blend of new and old tracks, including ‘Nowhere to Land’ and recent Fuzz Club split single ‘Behind All Evil is a Black Hole’, the real pleaser for me in the set comes in the form of ‘Eyes’ the fantastically dark and probing tune is perfect for the mood of the room. The crowd are very enthusiastic for this set as the sweat pores and the feet move. At the end of the set drummer Ali is pulled off stage and crowd surfs majestically across the room to much adoration and hilarity. Just when you think this band can’t get any better, they pull that set out of the back – I challenge anyone in the room to say that that was not phenomenal.

Arizona boys The Myrrors are next on the bill, and after that performance it’s a tough act to follow, but if anyone is up to the challenge, they are. ‘Warpainting’ is unsuprisingly the show stealer here and after being much anticipated by fans across the festival, they have not disappointed.

Lastly, but by no means least, we have Dutch outfit Radar Men From the Moon rounding off proceedings. Fresh on the back of sell out second album release ‘Submersive’, they open with ‘Neon’ in all its 12 minute fuzz glory. It takes a while for this track to get going and so is great to set the mood before moving into ‘Hacienda’ which offers some of the best guitar riffs which are on the scene right now. The tunes are incredibly catchy and its easy to see why this band have captured the interest of fans worldwide. It doesn’t let up as they play with ‘Deconstruction’, and by this time I don’t think there is a still body in the room. The walls are literally condensing as you look at them with the heat from the crowd and the dancing doesn’t let up. There are not many gigs where people can really let loose and express themselves through dancing in the psych scene, but this has definitely been one of them and it’s an incredible experience. RMFTM finish with an improvised piece which ties them up nicely and even as they crowd beg for more, they take their leave to many handshakes and hugs.

It is incredibly difficult to sum up the experience of this Fuzz Club Festival succinctly, there are so many words that can be used to express the feelings its evoked and yet not come close to describing it; but too keep it simple I’ll settle on one word – unforgettable.

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