Tonight in Manchester’s hottest new venue, Yes, comes a rather tasty line up from promoters Strange Days.

Opening is Autumns, a one-man noise machine who is currently on a run of nine dates with headliners The KVB (high praise indeed!). The brain child of Christian Donaghey, originally from Derry, offers up a heady mixture of effected vocals, meaty electronic melodies and drum machine beats so infectious that you can’t help but move. The groove is contagious and quickly spreads through The Pink Room, which fills up quickly. He sets the perfect scene for things to come and his set ends all too soon for some.

Berlin’s The KVB have been blending reverb-soaked shoegaze with minimalist electronic production for some time now. The project of duo Nicholas Wood and Kat Day, they manage to master atmosphere as their sound has evolved over time. Formed in 2010 as a solo project by Wood, they started life on a limited-edition cassette and vinyl releases that sold out instantly. Joined in 2011 by Day, they then released debut LP Always Then in 2012 on Clan Destine Records to much acclaim and they have gone from strength to strength since. This appearance comes as part of the tour for their latest offering, Only Now Forever which was released on Invada Records this month.

They open with the title track from the album which is an interesting choice as it is not so well known, but it sets the tone for things to come. Highlights include ‘Always Then’ from the album of the same name with its industrial undertones and minimalist beats, new track ‘Afterglow’ which is accompanied by striking visual effects, ‘White Walls’ from 2016’s Of Desire and ‘Never Enough’ from the same album which offered something a little different due to its strong, accented synth notes dominating the sound. The set concludes with ‘Above Us’, a stomping beat dominates throughout, and effected guitar weaves its way playfully around drawled vocals. When the synth melody kicks in and the second vocals, a bit of magic takes over and a thing of beauty takes off. They leave the stage to much applause and to do.

We are treated to a two track encore comprised of ‘Here It Comes’ from debut album Always Then and ‘Dayzed’ from 2013’s Immaterial Visions – both tracks are pieces of their history that have made them who they are, so it seems fitting that they started their set at the present and took it right back to their past to end.

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