A Tamaryn press release featuring ‘I’m Gone’ from the forthcoming new album ‘Tender New Signs’ made an instant impression on me. Some bands just press all the right buttons, 5 seconds worth of listening could be all that’s needed to make you aware that a certain band is about to feature heavily on your MP3 player.

They’re like My Bloody Valentine, soothed by the presence of Mazzy Star. Tamaryn manage to draw the categorisation of ‘shoegaze’, with a euphoric edge.

Man Without Country support, they sound a lot like Delphic. The massive speakers put out an overpowering amount of decibels in this stylishly undecorated basement. There’s not enough room to retreat from their output… my tinnitus is going to get worse, I can tell. The bottles must be rattling in the bar above. A dubstep night would collapse the building.

Tamaryn strolls onstage along with her band members, including writing partner and multi-instrumentalist Rex John Shelverton – tonight on guitar. She’s a natural front woman, appearing to care about nothing until she starts to sing, which she does with effortless passion and emotion. This is what I’m here to witness first-hand… but her microphone isn’t working.

Most of the audience will be experiencing this new material for the first time as the album is out tomorrow. I want them to like it as much as I do. This is no way to be introduced to it. Two songs in, someone shouts for louder vocals and there’s a change of mic leads, but her voice is still set too quiet in the mix. It becomes apparent just how important Tamaryn’s vocals are.

What else can go wrong tonight? Well, there’s a projector at the back that’s flooding the band in colourful, slow moving psychedelic colours. That is until a tall fella with a large haircut decides to stand infront of it and project his outline on the wall. The back of his head must’ve looked cool. I tried to get a photo of the band but it was too dark (see above) and the drummer isn’t having the best of nights. I’m starting to think Sunday gigs are cursed.

Thankfully, sound issues are somewhat resolved before the highlight ‘The Garden’. Growling, reverb drenched guitar leads straight to the chorus before the bassline is allowed to breath during the verse. The chorus returns and we’re already hooked. There’s definitely an 80’s vibe here and despite this, I’m into it.

Stunning tracks from the new album have largely been tarnished tonight due to poor sound. ‘Violet’s In A Pool’ should’ve stolen the show but it wasn’t allowed to reach its potential. My disappoint comes from knowing what a great gig this could’ve and should’ve been. If they come around again I’ll be there, and as I suspect due to the new albums strength, a lot more other people will be there too.

Peter Rea

I like to go see fresh new music at Manchester's superb selection of smaller venues, and then share my enthusiasm.