Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind


“Get involved!!!” screams Jim Jones to the audience who are just a few centimetres from the stage, asking us to get even closer. Yet, there are some fellows amongst the crowd with their shiny smartphones and cameras, trying to digitally grab the moment. I understand the temptation, souvenirs for the future. But as the Australian songwriter Suzie Stapleton* sings with her deep, whispering voice, “Future is here”. So, avoid all the distractions… yes, let’s get involved!

It is said that one of the main reasons of TV’s success lies in its low cost, but think twice, do you really think that it’s so cheap? Consider the side effects and get your way to the pub.

London-based rock n’ roller Jim Jones enters the tiny, dimly stage at Manchester’s Sound Control with his brand new crew, The Righteous Mind. They are Gavin Jay on bass, contrabass and b-vox –‘rescued’ from the previous Jim Jones Revue; Malcolm Troon on pedal steel, guitar and b-vox; Matt Millership on keys and b-vox and Phil Martini on drums and b-vox. The latter will be out for a while though, and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ drummer Jim Sclavunos is replacing him for the remaining ‘Boil Yer Blood’ UK tour dates.

They’re all dressed to the nines for the occasion, in the finest, smart rockabilly suits. They barely have room to move, which explains lead singer’s tendency to sing on the edge of the stage, so close to the privileged crowd. By the way, how can he manage to sing with a chewing gum within his mouth? Rock n’ roll gimmick, I guess.

Their opening ‘Aldecide’ with this galloping “Uuuuh-uuuh”, all at once, predicts that an electric hurricane is coming, so brace yourselves. They take us into a dizzy spell straight away, with a classy display of thrilling rhythms.

After the catchy back vocals of ‘Til It’s All Gone’, they perform the lead song ‘Boil Yer Blood’, a powerful shot of rock adrenaline, whilst ‘No Fool’ sets a superb example of thunderous harmony.

On the other hand, the mind-bending ‘Shallow Grave’ soaks through your bones like pouring rain. Actually, I’d say that this is one of the main differences between the extinct Jim Jones Revue and the new endeavour: both aesthetically and musically, Jim Jones drifts into the deep dark waters of the occult. By the way, a big applause, please, to the disturbingly awesome artwork by French illustrator and tattooist Jean-Luc Navette.

Gavin Jay’s double bass seems to be a suitable life vest for ‘Save My Life’. I particularly enjoy the last part of this song, some kind of explosion that let us know there’s no turning back at this point, so hold fast, sailors!

‘1000 Miles From The Sure’ is like a feverish kiss, a daydream, psychedelic trip to who-knows-where, followed by the apt ‘Hold Up’. This is the end of the first round.

They leave the tonic ‘Base Is Loaded’ and ‘Dream’ for the encore of this overwhelming show. No matter what brand he takes, Jim Jones’ music keeps the honourable status of rock from the guts.  As I type these words, I think that rock n’ roll certainly is the sweetest poison, a one-way ticket to a dreamy land without boundaries or fear. I could be wrong, though. Maybe it’s just the fever speaking…

* Suzie Stapleton is supporting Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind in their UK tour. Before her intimate performance, Mancunians Heavy On The Magic warm up this gig at Sound Control. Nice stuff, guys!

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