We’re a curious bunch here at Silent Radio and decided it was time to start scratching that itch, so we asked Kynsy what her favourite piece of music making equipment is. This is what she told us:


What is it?
A bit commander, a guitar pedal by EarthQuaker devices which gives a synth fuzz sound.

Kynsy's Bit Commander

How long have you had it?
About 4 years, 3 days and 21 seconds.

How does it help shape your sound?
It’s a sort of heavy dark sound which I use for solos and defined bits in songs, definitely has had a dark sort of abrupt influence on my sound at times. I’m a massive St Vincent and David Bowie fan and the guitar sound is deffo from that surreal world in which they both live in.

Do you use it live?
Yes, I use it in about 3 songs. It’s definitely made a massive impact on writing also.

Do you use it in the studio?
Yes, I would 100 percent prefer to use it over any sort of guitar plugins, it’s best paired with some overdrive or chorus pedal to give it a shimmer also.


What can we hear it used on?
It was featured on my last single ‘Cold Blue Light’ on a countermelody in the link section and it was used briefly for a solo in ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’ also.

Is there anything you dislike about it or would like to change?
Yes, it sort of cuts out in a weird way where the fuzz sort of breaks off and it sounds like static, I would prefer if it was to break off in one big drone.

If the worst happened and it broke down, could you replace it?
Yes, but they’re pretty expensive here in Ireland so I’d probably get a cheaper one from Ebay.

Anything else you’d like to tell the world about it?
It works really well with the sea machine chorus pedal also by EarthQuaker!

Any honourable mentions of other items that didn’t make the top spot?
Sea machine (EarthQuaker) 🙂


Kynsy’s latest single ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’ is out now featuring her EarthQuaker Bit Commander. Watch the video below.

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