We’re a curious bunch here at Silent Radio and decided it was time to start scratching that itch, so we asked Dream Nails guitarist Anya Pearson what her favourite piece of music making equipment is. This is what she told us:


What is it?
BOSS CE-2 analogue chorus pedal from the early 1980s.

Anya Pearson of Dream Nails

How long have you had it?
This cheeky blue stomp box has actually been passed down the generations of feminist rock! My mum bought it sometime between 1979-1982 when she was playing in some of the UK’s first feminist rock bands including the Stepney Sisters and Hi-Jinx. They toured the UK spreading their creed of feminist revolution and living alternative radical lives in squats in the East End of London. I unearthed the pedal when I was a teenager experimenting in my first indie band, could hear the history in its swirly dreaminess, and have loved it ever since!

How does it help shape your sound?
Though it’s not a traditional punk pedal, leaning more towards funk, indie, or grunge, I’m always seeking new ways to use it in feminist punk band Dream Nails. I find it creates a warm, thick sound perfect for Dream Nails’ own special brand of witch punk. When the dials go up to 10, it sounds almost like a phaser.

Do you use it live?
It’s a stalwart part of my live setup – a pedal tray I made myself using a tea-tray, measured to the exact dimensions of carry-on luggage. We are a DIY band, after all – no tour buses for us.

Do you use it in the studio?
Yes, definitely, I wasn’t about to leave it behind! I used it during the recording of our debut album, which came out on 28th August on Alcopop! and Dine Alone Records!

Dream Nails

What can we hear it used on?
I’ve used my chorus to add a nice bit of texture and movement to my guitar lines on tracks including an earlier track ‘Merkcury’ and one of my favourite album tracks ‘Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)’

Is there anything you dislike about it or would like to change?
I’ve just broken off one of the original knob casings! I guess replacing it will be easy enough, but I’m still gutted about damaging my own special piece of feminist rock history!

If the worst happened and it broke down, could you replace it?
It’s completely irreplaceable with huge sentimental value, so no!!!

Anything else you’d like to tell the world about it?
When I combine it with my Cathedral Stereo Reverb pedal, that’s when things get pretty spacey…

Any honourable mentions of other items that didn’t make the top spot?
I would have loved to talk about my new Whammy octave pedal, doubling up my riffs with this absolute beast has been very fun at our recent Dream Nails House Party live-streamed shows, I’d urge you to follow Dream Nails so you don’t miss the next one!


Dream Nails self-titled debut album is out now via Alcopop! and Dine Alone Records. You can hear ‘Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)’ below taken from the album and featuring Anya’s BOSS CE-2.

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