We’re a curious bunch here at Silent Radio and decided it was time to start scratching that itch, so we asked Art d’Ecco what his favourite piece of music making equipment is. This is what he told us:


What is it?

Art d'Ecco's Eventide Harmonizer


How long have you had it?
About 2 years

How does it help shape your sound?
Tony Visconti famously told Brian Eno and David Bowie that it “fucks with the fabric of time”, and so naturally, I just had to own one too. It’s a mid 70s digital delay effects unit, but it also has this pitch shifting feature that can create all sorts of wild sounds. I use it a lot on drums and vocals to fatten up and widen tracks.

Do you use it live?
If it wasn’t such an antique I would love to be able to bring on the road, but that would be quite foolish given how delicate it is.

Art d'Ecco

Art d’Ecco

Do you use it in the studio?

What can we hear it used on?
I used a plug-in version on my last album (you can hear it on the snare drum on ‘Who is it Now?’ from Trespasser). It compelled me to buy the real thing so on ‘In Standard Definition’ you can hear it on the drums for a track called ‘Bird of Prey’, we also did some pitch shifting on the vocals for the tag lines in ‘Head Rush’, and then reversed the tape so that it whooshes up into place in the final mix. Sort of gives the effect of dropping a needle on a vinyl record and then hitting play.

Is there anything you dislike about it or would like to change?
It’s perfectly imperfect. It has this unintended “glitch” in the pitch shifting circuit that I find to be incredibly musical. It sort of bounces around in little micro inconsistencies which annoyed early users so Eventide made an “upgrade” and re-released as the H949. But what’s the point of being perfect, right?

If the worst happened and it broke down, could you replace it?
Don’t scare me like that.

Any honourable mentions of other items that didn’t make the top spot?

Maestro Echoplex

Maestro Echoplex

Coming in a near tie would be my Maestro Echoplex tape delay unit. It’s another relic for the 70s and can turn vocals, guitars, drums, synths (you name it), into something with so much more character and personality. I don’t think there’s a song on either record I’ve made that hasn’t had at least one instrument run through the Echoplex at some point.

Anything else you’d like to tell the world about?
Support your local independent music shops.


Art d’Ecco’s new album ‘In Standard Definition’ will be released on April 23rd via Paper Bag Records. You can hear ‘Head Rush’ from the album below, listen out for the Eventide Harmonizer H910 pitch shifting the vocals.

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