Tall Shaves

The North East-based folk duo Tall Shaves began writing their forthcoming single, ‘Waking Me Up’ whilst living the life of working musicians. Their upbeat folk-pop encapsulates the ambling thoughts that accompany the rootless 9-5 and subsequently the rest of the creative day. ‘Waking Me Up’ takes those concerns to a higher place, examining a current relationship and how it’s best not to take things for granted when time together is precious.  Just under two minutes long, the song tumbles forward, Paige Temperley and Kieran Taylor’s vocals soaring over a light-hearted drum beat and vibrant guitar.

Their strong dynamic, paired with the folksy swooning, could be hyperbolic were it not for intimate lines like, “Slow your mind, before you wear yourself out” which land like self-aware punchlines about how easily life-consuming trivialities can sometimes get in the way of what is important. Ultimately, Temperley chooses her own trajectory, deciding that “our differences they keep us strong.” And Taylor, who is sounding like a stalwart folk singer on this cut, coyly suggests “everyone loves a trier so let’s try”. Whether they’re working a 9-5 or discovering themselves as an outfit, Tall Shaves’ music captures the thrill of young love.

‘Waking Me Up’ will be released on October 5th and is available to pre-order now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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