Tall Shaves

Alternative folk duo Tall Shaves return with new EP Two for Tuesday this month. The mood throughout is one of upbeat, whilst the lyrical content might not always be the same there’s no denying the positivity and spritely acoustic accompaniment.

Solid opener ‘Breanna from Orilla’, released last year gets the EP off to a cheerful and energetic start. Showcasing the perfect balance of question and answer that Kieran Taylor and Paige Temperley has is subsequently the main endearment of Tall Shaves.

Quaint lines such as “When I was just sixteen and drinking was a novelty” on ’10 Yards Apart’ are just the right side of twee with the introduction of fiddle and mandolin adding to the folky dynamic. Both their voices sound as if they’ve been singing folk since the 60s, with Taylor often having echoes of Chris Wood and Temperley often reminiscent of Kate Rusby.

Saving the best for last with ‘Waking Me Up’, the duo confidently end this cut with their upbeat folk-pop encapsulating the ambling thoughts that accompany the rootless 9-5 and subsequently the rest of the creative day.

What really stands out on this record is Taylor and Temperley’s (good band name?) ability to weave a compelling story. Whether it’s coming-of-age (‘Out of Touch’) , young love (‘Breanna from Orilla’) or loss (‘10 Yards Apart’) their narratives are the focal point of the mood – which is one of genuine cordiality. Tall Shaves really sound like a duo on the edge of something big, and enjoying every minute of it. On the flip side, I would love to hear them get deep, get low and give us a ballad. Maybe that’s just not their bag.

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