Ty Segall and White Fence – Joy

By the time you read this review, Ty Segall will have probably released two more albums, three EPs and four collaborations with others, such is his prolific output. His last collaboration with White Fence, aka Tim Presley, ‘Hair’ released in 2012 was one of his best , those heavy guitar riffs met with lighter acoustic parts and a whopping great big dose of melodic harmonies. Tim Presley is also renowned for his busy schedule of releases and collaborations, from playing on The Fall’s 2007 release ‘Reformation Post TLC’ to collaborations with Cate Le Bon, and his own brilliant project White Fence. So now, after a gap of six years, whilst both working on numerous other musical offerings, they’ve joined forces once again, unleashing another hefty batch of tunes – fifteen songs in around twenty five minutes!

‘Joy’ has all manner of songs within its core, veering from the sweet acoustic variety to full on rocket fueled guitar mayhem. Their collaborations have seen both Segall and Presley‘s more psychedelic and experimental sides emerge with their  tunes wrapped up in some gorgeous  summery harmonies before teetering on the edge of a dark precipice. ‘Please Don’t Leave This Town’ has acoustic guitars strumming under thunderous riffs, whereas ‘Body Behaviour’ has a slightly spookier feel to its catchy melodies, as guitar lines weave a web of chaos around its verses. It’s as if both Segall and Presley have absorbed the hazy summer tunes of 60s groups like The Zombies, The Pretty Things and The White Album, then warped them into their own blend of Californian psychedelia.

‘Grin Without Smile’ sounds like English folk melting into a wall of feedback, all gentile and happy one minute then distorted into a new dimension the next, where ‘The Other Way’ starts with a snarling dog barking, before exploding into a chaotic blend of guitar noodlings and pounding drums, then without a break it’s into ‘The Prettiest Dog’ – a ferocious hardcore blast of drums and guitars which is all done and dusted in seventeen seconds! In contrast ‘She Is Gold’ clocks in at an epic five minutes plus, and is a slow growing rumble of a tune which builds into a mighty fine guitar wig out.

Ty Segall and Tim Presley have yet again proved that being two prolific clever clogs when it comes to music, doesn’t necessarily lessen the quality, with musical output which is consistently pushing boundaries whilst being a thing of shimmering guitar beauty. This is Segall and Presley at their melodic and experimental best – keeping up with them both is hard work, but with albums like ‘Joy’, it‘s definitely worth the effort.

Released July 20th 2018 (Drag City Records)

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