Last Saturday we welcomed into the studio Steve Ignorant former lead singer of Crass one of the most influential punk bands, well ever.

Steve was joined by Carol and Pete from his new acoustic project ‘Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life’.

Interviewed by a very excited Simon Poole Steve took us back to the Crass days, where the band formed in the late 70’s at Dial House and went on to spearhead what now is commonly known as the DIY scene. There was talk of John Lydon, hippies and selling more records than AC/DC.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, it’s the attitude that makes you a punk.” – Steve Ignorant

After an intense seven-years Crass called it a day, but not before embedding the anarchist movement in the UK, US and beyond. Steve talked to us about life after the band, from Punch & Judy, being a lifeboat man, Sleaford Mods,  to how he came to form his Slice of Life via Australia and a Chilean ash cloud.

Listen to the whole show again here.

He’s also promised to join us in the studio again soon for a bigger chat and live session, lucky devils us.


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