A debut release from Ill Blu on the all powerful Hyperdub, feeding us more funky sounds as the UK Funky Monster continues to snowball into oblivion. With only two years under their belt, these guys have managed to make their mark through remixes of the likes of Hot Chip and Cheryl “won’t tell anybody” Cole. This release sees the pair stripping back their approach to the style, leaning more towards the rhythm than the soul of the track.

Bellion plays out as minimalist funk with steel drum work leading the march, coupled with solid bass stabs, shakers & xylophone all joining in the precession. Simple yet effective in tuning into your ears, the track plays through well but seems to fade from memory all too fast.

Dragon Pop runs much in the same vein where rigid drums lay the foundations for the beat. Sub bass bounces the rhythm and a pleasing bongo flurry propels the motion.

This is an impressive first release for the pair on Hyperdub. Water tight production skills, catchy rhythms and clever structuring combine to deliver a polished finish. The minimalist approach is an interesting avenue to take. This is the first time I’ve seen it in the play for this funky style.

Release Date Early July (Hyperdub)

Work in Progress.......no literally, am a work in progress....