No stranger to the wax, DOK’s first EP outing on Hyperdub sees him team up with long time partner and some say evil twin (or is that eviler twin?) Terror Danjah for this filthy, funk fuelled slice of east coast, west coast grime goodness.


‘West Coast’ is a hard hitting, grimey, filthy, low-riding roller. Sounding like the elements of an old Dre track thrown in a grime blender, the twisted synth line tears through the track and slams into the brake sound at the end of each 8 bar. Growing with the track’s progression, it becomes more distorted in the beat, as it gets sucked in and under the heavy bottom end bass and then up and over punchy snare snaps. Filled around all this is the retro computer game sound – that sinister little beat that comes on when you reach the final bosses lair.

‘VIP’ sounds like the pair set Qbert on the beat with enough cuts, start-stops and scratches to keep any breaker on his toes and completely switching up the melody. This is the first time I’ve come across a rework like this, and it’s hitting all the right switches.

‘East Coast’ is grime, and exactly how it sounded when I first came across the genre all those years back: hard drums, relentless deep kicks, big bass, those menacing keys and that undeniable energy rush that give you that feeling you ready for anything.

If you like grime get your ears on this – yet another worthy delivery from Hyperdub. With a selection like this there’s something for everyone and enough energy to get any dance floor bubbling. Available from the 17th June 2011 in 12’ Vinyl and mp3 formats.


Work in literally, am a work in progress....