Kult Country front man Yousif Al-Karaghouli is someone who makes things happen. Within a week of arriving back to Manchester from a spell in France he’d become part of burgeoning cult label Sways Records, within two he’d formed Kult Country with a disparate bunch of souls whose number and identity still isn’t quite clear, and within a month they’d become one of the most talked about new bands in the city. Now, after less than a year of pulling the rug from under headliners both at home and further afield playing live, with arresting shows that jostle and beguile the senses from an array of angles, they’ve finally committed to record with much-anticipated debut release, ‘Slowburn/Amongst The Dead Forever’.


The two tracks were recorded at The Bunker in Salford, a warehouse in a near-dormant industrial enclave that could be loosely termed Sways Records HQ; it’s gained notoriety for its guerrilla gigs, late nights and escapism from Manchester’s increasingly gentrified city central music scene.