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The Weather Station


As a Manchester based website it would be rude to ignore Mother. The last time we saw this act, there were just two of them and their broth was slightly under-cooked. Tonight though Mother have added two members to make a quartet, and their witches brew is thicker and leaves a taste in the mouth that leaves you wanting more. I call it a witches brew, as their music sounds mystical and could easily have sound tracked the daily lives of the Pendle Witches, as they sat surrounded by plumes of bonfire smoke and a bubbling broth. It’s like sacred music often reserved for oneself and by the time they’re finished I need to remind myself that it is The Weather Station who we’re here to see.

When The Weather Station emerge it appears they have gone the opposite way to Mother, as their number has shrunk to two. But as their first song reaches its climax, we find that their mellow sound hasn’t been compromised. ‘All Of It Was Mine’ comprises guitars as vulnerable as the song title. The guitars are spindly and drawn out perfectly. The next one draws comparisons to First Aid Kit, although with more refinement.

‘I Mined’ lacks power and the tightly clenched grip loosens. A song about pest control further loosens that grip and I start to become slightly bored. However my boredom is soon relieved with the more upbeat ‘Floodplain’ which flows seamlessly into ‘Tapes.’ This is the closer and it is beautifully nostalgic and represents something we can all relate to – those precious things that we occasionally reach for under our bed.

While I have really enjoyed tonight, the person next to me is checking their phone with a bored expression. And to be honest, I can understand both views – it has been a night that has stood dangerously between the realms of boredom and enjoyment, and I can see why someone would end up on the other side of the fence to myself. To summarize the night with a weather forecast – it has been dry with clouds, the sort of weather that is enjoyed by some, yet causes others to retreat back inside.

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