With a debut album ‘Book of Hours’ released 27th May, Cloud Boat unveil the video for new single ‘Youthern’, directed by You Ness.

Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke have been steadily getting a foothold in the world of bass music over the past couple of years as they tour their ever-evolving live show around the clubs and festivals of Europe – and now they are ready to drop their deep and dreamy debut album ‘Book of Hours’, which brilliantly showcases them as part of the generation for whom electronic production and songwriting are no longer separate worlds.

This has led to the absolutely staggering confidence of ‘Book of Hours’. The soft-edged but monumentally huge bass tones in ‘Youthern’ support Sam’s Ennio Morricone-esque guitars and Tom’s velvety folk lament show that nothing else but a few elegant licks of percussion are needed.

There are insidious waves of background guitar that well up through it, sounding both ancient and sci-fi despite having none of the obvious signifiers of “futuristic” electronica.

It’s easy to see how Cloud Boat’s sound could work for demanding and hedonistic techno crowds, yet this is also an album for headphone reveries.


1. Lions on the Beach

2. Youthern

3. Bastion

4. Drean

5. Amber Road

6. You Find Me

7. Wanderlust

8. Godhead

9. Pink Grin I

10. Pink Grin II

11. Kowloon Bridge


May 29 – The Lexington (w/ Nadine Shah)