John Andrews & The Yawns share their new music video for ‘Windmill’ on Brooklyn Vegan, off their recently released album, Bad Posture out now on Woodsist Records.

About the album: “Bad Posture was mixed with headphones at the foot of Emma Critchett’s grave, who lived in the Yawns’ house during the 1800’s. The record is an ode to her & all who have lived in this house. It also paints a picture of what it feels like to live in the “free-country” on the precipice of a rapidly changing political climate. Some folks go back to the woods to escape the harsh-realities of contemporary society, for Andrews it seems like he is diving head first into nature’s unknown, searching for love in the tundras of seclusion. When the cities become boring, we hop in our vehicles and drive to those places that are always beaming with newness. Bad Posture contains the anthems that will hold us over til’ we arrive.

Bad Posture tracklisting:
1. Drivers
2. Old News
3. Windmill
4. Home is Just as Good as Anyplace (Biff Rose)
5. Painting a Picture
6. Relax
7. Homesick in Heaven
8. Audrey
9. The Sun Shines Different for You

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