It is without doubt that Justice are one of the most iconic and influential French dance duos to successfully orientate themselves through the herds of sweaty makeshift bedroom DJ’s that make up a large part of the electronic dance scene. The mighty glowing crucifix takes centre stage during their shows and album artwork and it is a personification of the sheer empowerment felt by those listening to their music, so much so that had the two co-existed, Jesus Christ himself would have been proud to be nailed to it.

So it is with great excitement that Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, A.K.A Justice, have released their new single from their second album Audio, Video, Disco, a record suitably named ‘On ‘n’ On’.

The track marks an indefinite musical movement for Justice. There’s more focus on progression with sounds taken from the classic rock era through to underground 80s disco vibes. One word to describe ‘On ‘n’ On’ is “psychedelic”, the perfect excuse for the lyrics making no sense whatsoever. Whining melodies, a gravelly texture and an awkwardly synthesized guitar sound are teamed with a distinct lack of bass that make up this record. Just like the rest of the second album, it’s a track more suited to an afternoon in the sun at a festival rather than an out of control underground rave (thankfully not yet formal dinner party material).

There’s still an overwhelming scent of what makes Justice spectacular however, such as their ability to write and produce a record that takes you on a journey with an anxious beginning, an exciting twist and a dramatic ending, dark, thundering beats and all the screeching, twisted synth you could possibly get your finger tips on.

The verdict? Well its been four years since Cross and it’s time to move on, so if you’re expecting a second version of ‘We Are Your Friends’ or ‘DISCO’ then you’ll be disappointed. However, if you take the time to appreciate their new pop rock, hair-metal sound then you’ll finally understand why dressing in tight black leather was a planned investment for the duo and not a fashion faux pas. Quite frankly I look forward to the two entities being merged in future gigs, the Daft Punk-esque Justice and the more rustic, instrumental and anthemic Justice. ‘On ‘n’ On’ is a record signed, sealed and ready to be delivered to the masses waiting behind their magnificent wall of Marshall Amps who need a break from raving so hard.

Release Date 27/02/2012 (Ed Banger/Because Music)