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Man Made


The simplistic red fairy lights strung up along the walls of the cosy Night and Day Café make the perfect setting for tonight’s intimate affair. All of the proceedings from tonight are split and donated to charities close to the heart of current events. The first charity is Manchester to Calais and the second is Save the Children, who are both helping with the refugee situation abroad.

Living in the shadow of his father Johnny Marr, Nile manages to stand apart from his father’s legacy and with Man Made, creates a masterpiece of his own. Donning a sequin shirt and painted fingernails he sends shards of light bouncing around the room like a human disco ball. With his soft voice and jittery body movements he looks somewhat awkward yet confident; reminding me of a young Kurt Cobain. He certainly shows that talent runs in the family.

For a band who have yet to release their debut album, they certainly play a strong set and already seem to be building a pretty firm fan base. ‘Bring Some’ gets everybody up and dancing as Nile instructs the crowd to move forward so we can all “hang out”. The crowd favourite of the night seems to be ‘Carsick Cars’ which is upbeat and has a very catchy guitar riff which sticks in my head like an earworm. The lyrics are light and all elements of the song work incredibly well. From the subtleness of the bass line to the snappiness of the drums, it fits together perfectly.

Nearing towards the end of the night they pull out ‘TV Broke My Brain’ which goes down well with the crowd of long haired teenagers filling up the café. Dancing around in jeans skinnier than my bank balance with hair swishing back and forth, the Night and Day Café is radiating cheerful vibes. They have the crowd mesmerised with the sheer volume of musical talent that they portray right down to the very tips of their fingers. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the way both Cal and Nile intricately moved their fingers along their instruments like it was the easiest thing in the world.

I was overly excited for tonight after previously catching the band back in 2014 when they supported Jake Bugg on his UK Tour, I was blown away with them back then and tonight, they managed to do it again. They have come a long way since then and have only grown stronger and stronger. Tonight’s experience was one of happiness and youthful fun. Man Made did not fail to impress and I’m sure that if they carry on down the road that they are currently heading; they will go very far.

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Sylvie Devaney

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