Disintegrated Discotheque

Disintegration State is one of the most exciting new electronic labels around. They’ve only existed for six months but released some of the best records of last year, as exemplified on their first release, a compilation record named Disintegrated Journeys // Disintegrated Destinations. Half the album was more beat-driven, the second half more drone-focussed, and the CD came complete with an essay by label co-founder Steve Hadfield. It explains how the label was founded following a suggestion on the Drowned in Sound message board based on the sheer volume and quality of electronic music being made and posted there by members of the community.

This Valentines weekend (Feb 16th) sees many of the label’s artists playing live for the very first time. This will be the first chance to catch Steve Hadfield and label co-founder Lowering before they go out on the road as support for Manchester’s own worriedaboutsatan. Steve Hadfield has proved himself the most prolific of the label’s artists so far, having racked up an impressive eight(!) releases of restless, 90s Warp-style IDM since launching the label. Lowering’s album Collapsule was full of twitchy beats and floating synths and a highlight of last year. They’re joined by another Manchester resident, Adventsong. His EP Happy Accidents is a lovely slice of slow-burning ambience. The label’s latest release was from Mute Branches who brings an outsider-art aesthetic to his gentle, fuzzy noise. Jacob Nico demonstrates the breadth of talent on the label. His Outer Mongolia record was almost post punk in its austere greyscale palette. And last but by no means least, Sunbane will bring his apocalyptic rave to the Peer Hat’s stage. ‘The Alchemist’ from last year’s soma EP is ten minutes of banging brainworms.

Tickets cost £6 from Eventbrite.

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