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Vat-Egg Imposition

I suppose the obvious thing to comment on would be the leading vocalist’s decision to wear a costume resembling that of a poultry staple known to most as an egg (colour inaccuracy), tying in with one word in their name in a thematic fashion, presumably. Salted snacks, authoritarianism in High Middle-Aged Nottingham, the benefits of loitering in a conglomerate associated with reading and ownership of a primate corresponding to #00FF00 in appearance are topics that are accompanied with a magic school bus envisioned backing track.

A cut of interest is notably faster in pace than the shelled reptilian being discussed within it, an interesting juxtaposition since no such being could keep pace with such tempo displayed. A criticism would be that typically the keyboardist/backing vocalist would do a solo that compliments the eccentric journeys provided, but the routine does start to wear a little thin as the set draws to a close. However, one can’t fault their sense of charity and the charm they bring so it’s a fairly insignificant concern.

All Girl Arson Club

Roughly 40% the size of their predecessor, they adopt a punk-type (interchangeable sub-genre?) sound fairly stripped back in that only guitar and drums are employed alongside overlapping vocals. A certain commercial hub situated in a certain metropolitan area of South Yorkshire, dedicating a song about an egg to the previous performers (coincidence?), displaying a fondness for culinary related selections at a certain low-priced chain and even the desire to go beyond the confines of present national frontiers appear to be the present subjects of choice in this increasingly claustrophobic, makeshift forum that is the lower level of a particular northern quarter venue (above first paragraph).

Their humoured honesty in admitting marginal errors (keeping time etc) shows a sense of humility which could be harnessed by other, unnamed acts encountered (excluding today). However, that doesn’t spare them from the encroaching repetition; alongside the lukewarm-distortion on the guitar which doesn’t quite lean to a conclusive identity, yet much like the Vat-Egg they also carry an appeal that must carry difficulty without the numerical safety net.

Roxy Girls

In the penultimate segment, the previous humour evaporates as the supposedly shy individuals in this particular band hard-postcore their way through a set displaying technical prowess that would evidently earn them 1st place, if measuring that singular element was the dominant trait in musical expression, however not so.

I enjoy their disregard for the 4/4 convention and consistent audience bamboozlement as they metaphorically zigzag about a badly maintained pathway near-enveloped with irradiated water; they cater towards keeping the environment in a state of high energy that I assume takes a great deal of effort to harness correctly. With the passage of time it’s probable they will persist in mitigating any set plot-holes (maybe a left field number) with that much appreciated cowbell of theirs leading the way to a strange kind of enlightenment.

The Early Mornings

If you happened to have stumbled passed something atypically placed in the alley of the rats you’d have noticed with a certainty (unless your peripherals were lacking) that it was a board (cardboard presumably?) with artwork on it indicating that the headliner is in fact headlining for the launch of a single, albeit not in the achievement of orbital spaceflight sense as that would be wholly impractical and would no doubt hurt the DIY ethic prevalent in these parts.

Steering back onto situational relevance, the triangular formation brings forth something engaging and accessible without alarmingly stumbling across the Rubicon of omnipresent squaredom; there’s a certain relatablity (for the more pessimistic I suppose) in the lyrics paraphrased, like there being ‘nowhere to go’ and something about ‘happiness and boredom not being that dissimilar’? Then again an analysis of literal snippets of words I noted down would not give the bigger picture justice, although they suit the detached tone of the vocals so it’s a positive thing I suppose.

Instrumentally, the guitar is the most expressive in how it seems to act out the lyrics in a way, and also how it interplays with the bass (as they should I suppose) while the economical drumming affords its stringed allies a metaphysical platform so as to not fall down the ambient well that is a band without a coherent beat. When they announce their final tune (the single, fittingly), they attract the unusually seen ‘non-hostile, desire for more’ boos from the denizens gathered; at the very least the single gifts them (the audience) a flavour that isn’t loaded with additives and other enamel-taxing components you’d find essentially in any consumable laced with sugar, an encore would have been an unnecessary act of gluttony in the sense of an analogy.

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