‘Space Shot’ is another by-the-numbers offering from the Northern Irish pop-rockers. A perfect pop song in many respects, it never deviates from the tried and trusted production values that dominate the singles chart nowadays: quirky intro, verse-chorus-verse, weird synth solo and all the trimmings. It also sounds like it was written by a computer program – or the soulless brow-beaten golem that lives under Simon Cowell’s desk.

Since the very start, it’s been pretty clear that Ash aren’t a band with a message, and this latest offering is similarly devoid of any deeper meaning, but then no-one ever listened to Ash hoping for enlightenment. Expect to hear ‘Space Shot’ in the clubs – it’s a very danceable track, it’s extremely catchy and it has been sticking in my head to an annoying degree.

Release Date 18/01/2010


Chris Oliver

I've been playing bass guitar and guitar for over half my life. I last played bass in in a band called Electromotive and as a singer-songwriter I have written songs about cheese and vajazzles (separate songs!). I started out listening to 60s, 70s and 80s rock as a kid and I was in to grunge and U.S. punk and ska in the 90s. Since then, I've broadened my tastes and I like the best of all styles of music, even country. I've been writing for Silent Radio since it started.