• Ty Segall

    LIVE: TY SEGALL & THE MUGGERS – 23/06/2016

    – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – Ty Segall is a name that I’d heard a lot over the years but never investigated until recently. The incredibly prolific multi-instrumentalist released his eighth album in eight years at the start of the year and was the first time I had embraced the genius of this man. Emotional Mugger […]

  • Car Seat Headrest

    LIVE: CAR SEAT HEADREST – 22/06/2016

    – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Car Seat Headrest (let’s do CSH from now on for the sake of my fingers) are what one would call ‘quite prolific’. Starting off as the solo project of Will Toledo (apparently called CSH due to recording the vocals for his first album in the back seat of his […]

  • TVAM-620x327

    LIVE: TVAM – 21/06/2016

    – GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER – On Record Store Day I witnessed TVAM hand over a tape to Mary Anne Hobbs. Whether that was the pivotal moment in Lauren Laverne naming him as her BBC 6Music recommendation of the week I’m unsure. Like The Cocteau Twins, the Wigan-based solo musician buries his voice under his distinctive brand […]

  • Radar Men From The Moon photo by Leanne Crowley

    LIVE: EINDHOVEN PSYCH LAB DAY 2 – 11/06/2016

    – EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS – Day two is welcomed in by Statue, a Dutch six piece who offer up four guitars alongside bass and drums. They present numerous references to symphonic rock and hints of influences such as Sonic Youth shine through. It’s clear that they are really pleased to be here as they rock along […]

  • Ben Folds

    LIVE: BEN FOLDS & YMUSIC – 17/06/2016

    – BRIDGEWATER HALL, MANCHESTER – ‘Wait, this one’s got a fuck tonne of chords in it.’ Ben Folds flexes fingers, readies himself and then launches into another track and blow me he’s not kidding.  These aren’t 1, 4, 5 progressions, power chords or riffs.  These songs are complex, thought out, elegant.  And they hang beautifully […]

  • Elvis Depressedly

    LIVE: ELVIS DEPRESSEDLY – 15/06/2016

    – AATMA, MANCHESTER – “You know we pass from death to life, because we love each other. ” sings South Carolina native Mat Cothran on Elvis Depressedly’s lethargic ballad ‘Thou Shall Not Murder’. Such a cutting introduction to the ethanolic track not only serves to highlight the honest and bare atmosphere that colours the evening, […]

  • PARQUET_COURTS_JAN_2016_0402

    LIVE: PARQUET COURTS – 18/06/2016

    – GORILLA, MANCHESTER –  When I first heard Light Up Gold, Parquet Courts’ second album, it’s half spoken half sung vocals and repetitive melodies immediately led me to draw comparisons to The Fall. New track ‘Outside’ has been likened to Pavement by many and a review described their album Human Performance as sounding not dissimilar […]

  • Whitney

    LIVE: WHITNEY – 15/06/2016

    – GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER – Whitney is a band formed out of the smouldering ashes of Max Kakacek’s former band, indie rock outfit Smith Westerns. Their lead singer Cullen Omori went on to release a widely praised debut solo album earlier this year, whilst Kakacek pulled together a group of six musicians to carry on his […]

  • Temples photo by Leanne Crowley

    LIVE: EINDHOVEN PSYCH LAB DAY 1 – 10/06/2016

    – EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS – It is time for the third instalment of Eindhoven Psych Lab; the experimental science tinted psychedelic experience based in the industrial Dutch city. With the promise that frontiers must be explored, crossed and questioned, I head once more to De Effenaar. Due to issues with every kind of transport known to […]

  • The Stone Roses

    LIVE: THE STONE ROSES – 15/06/2016

    – ETIHAD STADIUM, MANCHESTER – When deciding the right time to reform a band, there are always worries of how to maintain the same altitude of interest. The question lurking is – what’s next? For The Stone Roses, this was a question needing no thought. The Manchester natives long anticipated and is-this-really-happening return gigs back […]

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We believe that the majority of the music press has become smug, superior, cynical, negative, bitchy and massively desperate to be cool. This has led them to see themselves as god-like figures with authority over the real consumers of music.The only people that have the right to make or break a new artist or band are the record buying and gig going public.

Much of the mainstream media has now lost touch with the everyday music fan.They treat music as a commercial product, when it should be treated with care and passion.

At Silent Radio each individual writer is exactly that, an individual, all with their own unique tastes and views on music. Many publications/websites will ‘tell’ you who is good and who is not. This is wrong, and we are here to inform, and hopefully in the process help you find new music.

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Micah P Hinson


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Right or Wrong


This question came up today due to a simple Tweet we sent out asking if anyone would like to write for Silent Radio, which we ...

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Side Project is made up of Anja and Luka two 20 year olds, from Zagreb, Croatia. I didn’t hear about them for quite a while ...