• Acid-Mothers-Temple

    LIVE: ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE – 26/08/2014

    - THE RUBY LOUNGE, MANCHESTER – Good grief. Even the most seasoned gig-goer would be forgiven for taking an extra moment to process proceedings when Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (to give them their full title) roll into town. The veteran free-form progressive psychedelic experimental rock group, or as they would have […]

  • Mark Lanegan - No Bells On Sunday

    EP Review: Mark Lanegan Band – No Bells on Sunday

    For anyone who doesn’t know who Mark Lanegan is, you’re an idiot he co-wrote Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘No One Knows’, one of the best rock songs of the noughties. And that’s just one of a myriad of activities he has undertaken since his Seattle rock band Screaming Trees petered out. Indeed, it’s hard […]

  • The New Pornographers

    Album Review: The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers

    The supergroup: a lazy term for a generally dirty concept in rock music. It brings to mind egotistical, indulgent, short-term projects comprising disparate musicians operating on different wavelengths. But after 15 years and six full length albums, The New Pornographers have found a way to circumvent these problems, chiefly by only convening every few years. […]

  • protomartyr_vice_670

    LIVE: PROTOMARTYR – 18/08/2014

    - FALLOW CAFE, MANCHESTER – Despite being scheduled for the Ruby Lounge, tonight’s festivities instead take place at Fallow Cafe. The stage at Fallow Cafe is tiny, last time I was here even the two piece bands on the bill looked a bit cramped. The people of Fallow Cafe have tonight extended their stage slightly, […]

  • deafheaven


    - GORILLA, MANCHESTER – We had to wait less than a year to to see one of the most active underground bands nowadays. The San Francisco quartet Deafheaven, loved, hated and criticised by the media and public, is unique in style. Their look seems to be the one for a standard indie band, but their […]

  • falls

    LIVE: FALLS / THE HYENA KILL – 16/08/2014

    - THE STAR & GARTER, MANCHESTER – I’m still unsure about gigs at The Star & Garter. To me, that venue is The Smiths Disco. First Friday of the month, a gang of folk young and old gather upstairs in the (let’s be honest) grotty venue to sing and dance along to classic Smiths/Morrissey tunes. It’s not […]

  • a2970905974_10

    Album Review: Sex Hands – Pleh

    When you talk about slackers, the glamorous, Americanised image is of beautiful surfer dudes smoking lots of weed and making lovely, reverb-heavy music about being sad. Best Coast, basically. The British equivalent isn’t nearly as cool. With a climate like ours, it’s nicer to sit in and watch telly all day and eat biscuits and […]

  • 622470_418921134816791_1768987813_o

    LIVE: BEIRUT – 14/08/2014

    - ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – Back in 2006, one Zach Condon started his own solo musical project which soon expanded into a band, now known as Beirut. Fast forward to the present, the American band has three studio albums under their name and a massive fan base with their multi-elemental indie folk rock music. The […]

  • a1043061327_10

    EP Review: Baby Brave – King Horse

    King Horse presents a very different Baby Brave to their clumsily titled 2012 debut EP (deep breath) The Hornet’s Nest of Unrequited Ambition That Was 1960s Vogue. They’ve since lost a singer and the suffix “…and the Love Bites” but gained an affection for some noisier influences. That’s not to say there’s none of the […]

  • Pissed Jeans Band Photo

    LIVE: PISSED JEANS – 14/08/2014

    - GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Possibly the best band currently signed to Sub Pop, although that might depend on your preference for angular, heavy, noisy, punk rock or Fleet Foxes. Pissed Jeans seem able to create sonic landscapes, themes and soundtracks to the irritations of life and the minutiae of the daily grind. They create an […]


    LIVE: EASY STAR ALL-STARS – 07/08/2014

    - BAND ON THE WALL, MANCHESTER – Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is one of the best-selling albums of all time, and it is said that at any given moment, someone, somewhere is listening to the album. The purveyors of this fact haven’t mentioned whether any of these people are under the age […]

  • Owl_John_08_LO_RES

    LIVE: OWL JOHN – 05/08/2014

    - SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Believe it or not, tonight is my first time watching a gig at Soup Kitchen. Almost deceived by the two separate entrances, I manage to make it downstairs in time to grab a beer before the live music begins. First to the stage are James Graham and Andy MacFarlane, two […]

  • 10516871_745179975544622_3413113729913830520_n


    - THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – The rumour that Joanna Gruesome were forged in the midst of anger management classes may or may not be true, but it seems a fitting beginning based on their performance tonight.  Careering from gleeful pop to controlled aggression across an 8 song set, they appear simultaneously self-deprecating yet certain, with a […]

  • kevindevine

    LIVE: KEVIN DEVINE – 02/08/2014

    - THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – It’s a funny notion that as I grow older, I much prefer watching something loud and noisy than something more hushed and acoustic – you’d think it’d be the other way around. But tonight is an exception, mainly because I’ve spent my day seeing how long I can stay in bed […]

  • 429980_397956376907494_1156827369_n


    - THE BAYHORSE, MANCHESTER – Hollowed out beneath Thomas Street, from the basement of The Bay Horse comes a tremendous noise. It’s populated by long hair, leather jackets and tattoos, kick drums, wails and distorted guitar. Halfling’s Leaf, after three years are playing their final, farewell gig and it is in fact the first time […]

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