• DZ Deathrays

    LIVE: DZ DEATHRAYS – 19/09/2014

    - NIGHT & DAY CAFE, MANCHESTER – The listing calls it Thrash Pop, which I don’t really like, and I think it’s been called Dance Metal. I read Pop Rock somewhere which I thought was the kind of stuff the Goo Goo Dolls make. I made up Avant Hard because I thought it was funny […]

  • SOHN

    LIVE: SOHN – 17/09/2014

    - GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Sohn, aka Christopher Taylor, strolls onto the dry iced stage in a sweltering Gorilla, black hoodie pulled over his head, looking every bit the mysterious, enigmatic electronic artist we see so much of today. Taking his seat at a keyboard at the front of the stage, flanked by a couple of […]

  • 996504_664287113584760_673065597_n

    EP Review: The Costellos – Mini EP

    The Costellos are a young band based in the north-east and get regular airtime on BBC Radio Newcastle. All aged 20, the 4 members combine to create a smooth, easy rock sound, reminiscent of Stereophonics’ ‘Maybe Tomorrow’. The band’s output is purely internet-based for now (links below), thus their music is easy to access. Three […]

  • Wild Cub - Youth

    Album Review: Wild Cub – Youth

    Wild Cub present their début album in a flourish of melody-heavy and anthem driven tracks with the aptly named ‘Youth’. The Nashville based outfit, assembled around frontman/guitarist Keegan Dewitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, have quickly erupted across the United States and are now set on emulating such success in the United Kingdom. After recently releasing […]

  • 65001_570271009708773_846662764_n

    LIVE: WILD CUB – 14/09/2014

    - THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Nashville’s Wild Cub come to the Deaf Institute this evening for one of only two gigs in the UK this month. Support for the show comes from VYKTORIA. The four members of VYKTORIA swagger out onto stage and get stuck straight in to their opening song. Their sound, laden […]

  • 10362933_10152573397393200_3694749869062754773_n


    - THE CASTLE HOTEL, MANCHESTER – Dan Michaelson has always struck me as endearingly old fashioned, in that he concerns himself with the craft of writing songs, and the subtlety of his songs on record demonstrate a becalmed, bleached and sparse beauty, where space and brevity become sumptuous and rich. In the live setting the […]

  • CateLeBon

    LIVE: CATE LE BON – 12/09/2014

    - GORILLA, MANCHESTER – I last saw Cate Le Bon in support of St. Vincent at The Deaf Institute almost 3 years ago. Since that superb set, where she stood on stage with just a small pink practice amp and a guitar for company, she has released her finest album to date – ‘Mug Museum’, […]

  • GruffRhys_HS2518_MarkJames

    LIVE: GRUFF RHYS – 10/09/2014

    - RNCM, MANCHESTER –  American Interior is the name of the new album by former Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys. It is also the name of his new book, his new film and his new app – he has, in essence, made a multimedia art project. It details his quest to track down his […]

  • Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly

    LIVE: GET CAPE, WEAR CAPE, FLY – 28/08/2014

    - THE NIGHT & DAY CAFÉ, MANCHESTER – I’m not even at Night & Day, and yet I somehow seem to have implicated myself in a drink with the cast of the kids’ TV show The 4 O’ Clock Club.  The reasons are too convoluted to go into, but it gets even more twisted from […]

  • Photo: Peter Rea


    - THE RUBY LOUNGE, MANCHESTER – I guess being the son of one of the most iconic musicians of the 20th century and an internationally renowned avant-garde artist, brings with it a lot of expectation concerning your creative talents. Sean Lennon, whose godfather is Elton John – who appeared in Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker – who co-wrote […]

  • marissa-nadler-770

    LIVE: MARISSA NADLER – 03/09/2014

    - SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – I have to confess, there was a period where I fell out of love with Marissa Nadler. I was pretty obsessed with her 2009 album Little Hells which, in my eyes, is about as perfect as a singer songwriter album can possibly be. Then she released a couple of so-so albums […]

  • perfume-genius_nowness1

    LIVE: PERFUME GENIUS – 02/09/2014

    - BAND ON THE WALL, MANCHESTER – Perfume Genius, or Mike Hadreas as his friends probably call him, has the audience of a sweltering Band On The Wall in the palm of his hand. Every person in the room is silent, in absolute awe of the beautiful, frequently devastatingly show he’s putting on tonight, and […]

  • this-will-destroy-you-4fd89688bbbc3

    LIVE: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU – 02/09/2014

    - THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – So I’ve just spent the weekend traipsing around a field in Bristol for ArcTanGent festival, geeking out over riffs, reverb pedals and weird time signatures; that’s right, ArcTanGent is the UK’s only math/post rock festival. I’ve been pretty much on a post rock binge since returning back to reality, […]

  • Acid-Mothers-Temple

    LIVE: ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE – 26/08/2014

    - THE RUBY LOUNGE, MANCHESTER – Good grief. Even the most seasoned gig-goer would be forgiven for taking an extra moment to process proceedings when Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (to give them their full title) roll into town. The veteran free-form progressive psychedelic experimental rock group, or as they would have […]

  • Mark Lanegan - No Bells On Sunday

    EP Review: Mark Lanegan Band – No Bells on Sunday

    For anyone who doesn’t know who Mark Lanegan is, you’re an idiot he co-wrote Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘No One Knows’, one of the best rock songs of the noughties. And that’s just one of a myriad of activities he has undertaken since his Seattle rock band Screaming Trees petered out. Indeed, it’s hard […]

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